Your Career in Review

By Mel Sim

Things to reflect about…

Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022! What a year it was for work! We started 2021 thinking our WFH days are behind us but bam, back into lockdown we go and back into Zoom meetings it is.

With all that has happened (work and non-related), it is no surprise that many people are having some sort of reflection on their lives and careers. COVID and all that it brings have caused us to rethink how we live… and what really matters. This involves work too as it does form a huge part in our lives!

And there’s no better time than to reflect at the end of the year so that you can start the new year with fresh new goals and brand new motivation.

So what should you be reflecting about when it comes to your career? Here are a few to think about:

#1 Are you happy?
If there is only one question you want to ask yourself about your career, it is this – does your job give you joy? The answer is important because your job satisfaction will affect your relationship with your colleagues, your work quality as well as other parts of your life. Being happy will make you more motivated to do good and when you do, you’ll feel great which will transfer to other parts of your life. But if your job doesn’t give you any joy, going to work can be a drag and depressing.

One important thing to remember when asking yourself this question? Be honest. If you’re not happy, what are the reasons and can you rectify them? If not, what’s your Plan B?

#2 What have you achieved?
This is not only important to see how far you’ve come and how much more you need to go to achieve your career goals but also to give yourself some credit for your achievements. Being able to point out your achievements will give you more motivation and ensure you’re in the right direction. And if you’re not achieving what you’ve set out to do, it gives you the chance to reflect on what needs to be done and improved upon.

#3 Have you improved your skill set?
What’s the point of working if you’re not learning? New skills, especially digital ones, are especially important now whether it is for you to advance in your current role or to take on new roles! Listing down what you need to improve on will give you something to focus on next year for your personal development.

#4 Can you do your work more effectively?
Look back at your work and achievements – is it justifiable for the work and sweat you put in? If not, can you be better at it? This will help you not only be more productive moving forward but lets you focus on improving your work so you can have more time to focus on other things, like new skills!

#5 Did you do something new and did you like it?
Maybe it was a new project? Or you had to help a colleague out with something. If you had the opportunity to do something new this year, think about how that made you feel and if you liked doing it. Doing something aside from your usual is vital for career growth as it allows you to build new skills. If you enjoyed the new task, maybe there is something there for you to expand on?

#6 What do you hope to achieve next year?
Ultimately, it should all come down to this: What do you want to do better next year for your career? Set some goals for yourself and think of how you can make it happen. Perhaps you will need to speak to your boss for more responsibilities and there’s no better time than early in the year to have that chat.

Good luck with 2022!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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