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GRADUAN® is the leading and most trusted career resource for Malaysian talent, guiding them in their journey to become part of Malaysia’s energetic workforce. It is also the preferred partner for leading Malaysian employers when it comes to talent recruitment and employer branding, helping organisations find their next-generation leaders


GRADUAN® is the leading annual career and employment resource for Malaysian talent. This career guide offers comprehensive and practical information on recruitment opportunities, career prospects, job placements, industry expectations, interviews with prominent business and corporate leaders, authoritative career-related articles and more.

Over 200,000 copies of GRADUAN® are distributed complimentary to more than 250 leading universities and colleges in Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand annually.

  • GRADUAN® Series: Graduate Programmes
  • GRADUAN® Series: Career in Finance
  • GRADUAN® Series: Profiles


The revamped GRADUAN.COM is a one-stop online platform that connects talent with employers through interactive features, articles, videos, listings, targeted content and more. Talent can find the latest hiring information as well as articles, tips and trends to help them with their job search.


GRADUAN® believes in staying ahead of the pack. With this in mind, we introduce the first-ever digital initiative done by an organisation like ours: GRADUAN® Digital, our brand-new digital format, targets to attract new talent through captivating and engaging recruitment videos produced by the GRADUAN® team. All digital content will be recorded and featured in GRADUANtv, our YouTube channel.



GRADUAN’s highly anticipated local career fair right here in Malaysia. Started in July 2011, GRADUAN® ASPIRE has fast evolved to become the hottest career event in town. More than 50,000 attendees (and counting!) make their way to GRADUAN® ASPIRE each year, comprising of undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and working professionals in Malaysia and abroad to meet with representatives from various companies, institutions and industry experts. GRADUAN® ASPIRE has now established itself as Malaysia’s Premier Career & Postgraduate Fair, attracting only the best employers and talent.


Coupled with a well-coordinated and focused approach, the overseas career fairs have chalked up unprecedented success year after year in United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.


Also established in 2005, our Australian career fair is held in collaboration with the Malaysian Students Association Australia (MASCA) with the support of Education Malaysia. Held in various Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, the fair attracts more than 2,000 undergraduates each year to meet industry representatives.

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