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Shape your career path with Dell

Posted on 2021-07-01 09:00:00

Dell’s Intermediate Software Engineer Wendy Chong Huey Wen shares how her experience has helped push her out of her comfort zone to discover her hidden potential.

The thought of starting your first job at a prestigious corporation as a fresh graduate might be intimidating to some people. This was Wendy Chong Huey Wen’s challenge when she first became part of Dell.

Now working as Intermediate Software Engineer at Dell, she landed her first position as an entry level Software Engineer through Dell’s hackathon called Hack-to-hire. It was a collaboration between Dell Technologies and INTI Subang College and University, Wendy’s college. The hackathon involved Wendy and her team members solving problem statements and pitching a business proposal. Despite not winning the main prize, they still managed to land jobs at Dell.

When Wendy first started her job, she was worried she was not good enough and not able to learn quickly. Getting placed in a team with members who have had at least six years of experience definitely did not make it easier! “As a freshie, it was certainly frightening for me to the extent that I thought I might have imposter syndrome,” shares Wendy.

Fortunately, the work culture at Dell has allowed Wendy to overcome her worries. Dell has a plethora of programmes in which employees may participate in and network with people from the company as well as from all over the world. Other than that, Dell has created a conducive environment by implementing the open-office concept. There are many facilities provided for employees such as a snack pantry, a breakroom with a ping-pong table and Xbox, and even a gym. “At first, I thought Dell would be a terrifying place to work at but I was proven wrong. It is in fact one of the most comforting places to work at,” Wendy explains. After only one year and four months of being at Dell, Wendy has accomplished to be promoted as Intermediate Software Engineer.

A place to start and to grow…

At Dell, both personal and professional growths are highly encouraged. According to Wendy, her manager was the driver who pushed her to start planning her career path. “He would always invite me for a one-on-one meeting, and constantly support and give me the best work-related advices to unleash my potential and grow my personal life,” tells Wendy.

Besides her manager, Wendy’s peers have also contributed a major part in boosting her confidence and helping her learn the ropes on how to grow her career path. She was advised to try out different roles to learn as much as possible about the potential role Wendy is looking to move into. This encouragement has enabled Wendy to have a solid career plan and goal which is to continue growing at Dell.

To motivate employees and reward them for their hard work, Dell has introduced an award system where well-performing employees will be awarded points by their managers and they can use the points to redeem their gift. The support shown by managers has helped create a sense of accomplishment, motivating employees to be more diligent.

When asked for advice, Wendy suggested talent to maintain a “curiosity mindset” by pushing yourself to speak out and ask a lot of questions. It is important to keep learning until you discover your hidden potential. Set your goals by emptying your cups and learning from others. Kindness and humility are the traits that will not just help you in your career, but also in your life.

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By Dania Aziz

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