6 Job Interview Hacks That Work All The Time!

Life hacks are everywhere these days, even these ones to help you crush your job interview.

Anxious about your upcoming job interview? Don’t let the nerves get to you. Instead, suit up on these job interview hacks to nail it and get the job.

#1 Prep Wisely

Speak to friends who have gone for job interviews to get an idea of the kinds of questions commonly asked so that you can mentally prepare your answers. A tip: Tailor your answers to the position at hand. For example, sharing a previous uni or work experience that is relevant to the question asked.

#2 Do Your Homework

All job interviews should begin with you doing your homework on the company you’re applying for, the position, the industry and even the person who is interviewing you.

#3 Smile!

Research shows that job seekers are so stressed over the interview that they forget to smile, which indirectly causes you to become tense and agitated. Also, some jobs require good people skills, like a sales position, and smiling sends the message that you’re friendly and easy to work with. Smiling is also contagious so the person interviewing you is more likely to be in a better mood when you’re flashing those pearly whites. A mood that might just get you hired.

#4 Watch Your Body Language!

Get rid of the “uhms” and “uhhs” when you’re unsure of your answers. Instead, take a few seconds to think about it. This moment of silence actually shows that you are thinking instead of hesitating.

A few more body language tips: Sitting up straight is seen as a sign of intelligence, confidence and credibility. Lean in slightly from time to time to signal to your interviewer that you’re engaged in the discussion. Nodding demonstrates your interest in the conversation. Don’t cross your arms or place items on your lap – this indicates defensiveness and nerves. Stop fidgeting as it’s unprofessional and generally impolite.

#5 Mind Trick

Mirroring helps gain the other party’s trust and makes them feel at ease. During your interview, mimic your interviewer’s movements, tone, gestures and body language. Be subtle about it – you don’t want to creep your interviewer out. Some tips: If the person you’re mirroring crosses their leg, cross yours the opposite direction. If they scratch their nose with their left hand, touch your face with your right hand.

#6 The “What’s Your Asking Salary” Hack

You don't want to sell yourself too short nor do you want to seem like you’re asking for way too much. So do your research first. Find out what the expected salary is for your position so that you know exactly what to expect. Then provide a range. That way, you give yourself some flexibility to play around with the final figure. When asked for a figure, avoid giving an answer first. Instead, throw the ball back into your interviewer’s court by saying, “What is the normal range for the same position?” That gives you an indication of what the company is willing to pay.

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