What it’s like working unconventional jobs

We get the scoop from the people who are actually doing them.

The term unconventional here refers to occupations that are not your regular 9-to-5s. Jobs you wouldn’t think of doing back when you were a kid in school. And yet there are people making a good living out of them right now. We speak to some of them.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist typically makes about RM50 per hour, and depending on popularity and expertise, the business can take your places! Just like 12-year-old Nanthannan who first became interested in makeup at just 3 years old and was recently part of a team at London Fashion Week.

To find out more about the occupation, we spoke to Naqiah Rahim who is based in Malaysia but also operates in Singapore and Brunei providing makeup services for all occasions. Her YouTube channel has over 11,000 followers and she’s on Instagram @naqiahrahim where she showcases her skills. Naqiah even provides makeup classes for aspiring artists like her.

What do you enjoy most about being a makeup artist?
I love the power makeup has to change a person’s face. I enjoy being able to show my clients how beautiful they are.

What was your ambition growing up and how has it changed?
At one point, I thought being a chef in a hotel was a good idea. I even went through several practical training programmes but after some time, I felt it wasn’t really for me.

What are some challenges you face in your profession?
Pleasing clients, making the models and talent feel at ease. Rejection happens too but not everyone I work with will love my style. I always do my best to solve the problems at hand and keep everyone happy.

If you were to have a career change, what would it be?
I’d like to be a painter.

Fitness Instructor

With everyone becoming more health conscious, the popularity of the fitness industry has boomed. Nearly every major mall we see in KL has a gym, which means the demand for fitness instructors specialising in yoga, pilates, martial arts and Crossfit among others have increased.

We spoke to Ain Ramli (@ainramli on IG) about what it’s like being a fitness instructor and what’s great about the job.

What do you enjoy most about being a fitness trainer?
Seeing the progress of others and people’s experiences. When your trainees look in the mirror in vain, appreciate their progress or achieve their goals, my satisfaction is priceless.

Growing up, what was your ambition?
An educator because I like to share and talk! Growing up, I had a very active childhood that led me to be a national rower representing the country in international sporting events. My interest has shifted since then; I pursued my studies in the field of sports science and here I am today!

What is the main challenge you face in your profession?
Stubborn trainees – the ones who cheat on their reps and eat chocolates behind my back. It can be very frustrating if I don’t see progress be it weight loss, inches or body fat loss because I always deliver my all to my trainees. While I take it upon myself to ensure my trainees hit their goals, transforming one’s mindset and behaviour can be very challenging.

If you had to have a career change, what would it be?
I would consider teaching in universities.

Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Manager

A job that has recently been created as a result of the world we live in now is a social media manager who essentially administers the social media marketing and advertisement of a company.

We have Sarah Azami, an accounts executive working with a local digital marketing firm, tell us what it’s like creating content and managing social media accounts for large MNCs.

What do you like most about managing social media accounts for large corporations?
I enjoy creating the content for the brands I’m working for. It helps me understand each of them as they are entirely different from one another. The audiences are also different, so being able to understand and change from one language to another is quite challenging but also interesting at the same time.

What was your ambition growing up and what caused it to change?
I always thought I’d do something along the lines of art and design but I didn’t pursue my studies in that field. I’ve always been a people person, and I’ve been active on social media for the past few years. I didn’t realise my strengths were in content creation until I actually tried it. Turns out I enjoy doing it very much.

What are some challenges you face in your profession?
Understanding the language and the audience of these brands. I’ve had trouble coming up with content because I wasn’t able to relate to the brand. But my colleagues are helpful and they’re always there to help me figure out a solution if I’m ever stuck or out of ideas.

If you were to have a career change what would it be?
Graphic designer. I’ve always liked things that involve design and I wish I were able to create things like that. I took some graphic design classes in college and I really liked it.

Have you ever considered working an unconventional job? Drop us an email at [email protected] and tell us what it is and why!

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