Things You Need for You 2022 Work Desk

By Ahmed Wafi

With links to buy!

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions you’ll see is to declutter – making space for new things and getting rid of others that don’t give you joy (thanks Marie Kondo!).

And although we are well within our first week of January, let’s waste no time and get started on making our new work desk one that is conducive to getting things done because our new 2022 workplace will be the one where we reach our goals, improve ourselves in all aspects and move up the career ladder. Let’s speak it into existence!

So here are some useful items you’ll need for your work desk with reliable links to buy them.

#1 Ring Light
Illuminate yourself with a ring light! Like last year, we can still expect to see a lot of business and team meetings to be virtual or hybrid. Your next job interview is also likely to be a virtual one and with that, you’re bound to make a better first impression if you can make your interviewers see you in a better light (see what I did there!) If you don’t already have a nice ring light, you can get one here or here.

#2 Wireless Earbuds
Because who needs wires anymore! If you’re looking to upgrade from your old pair of headphones, you can shop for a good pair of wireless earbuds here!

#3 Mini Blower
Dust in between your keyboard keys driving you crazy? You can get rid of them easily with a mini blower. You can even use it to clean out camera lenses, your screen and other sensitive places. It also makes for a good stress ball!

Get it here!

#4 Cable Management Box
Something you never thought you would need until you actually have it! Gone are the days where your mouse wire gets tangled with your charging cable and everything else becomes a mess. Organise your desk with our pick of a cable management box [here] (

#5 Office Set Essentials
The use of a stapler, notebook, highlighter, set of pens and sticky notes are often underestimated and overlooked because you can just borrow your colleague’s when you need it. This year, we’re going to be THAT colleague with all the supplies everyone borrows from.

Just make sure they return them.

Check out Faber-Castell’s online store to shop for your office essentials today.

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