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How a Startup Working Experience Can Transform You

Posted on 2019-12-25 10:00:00

Why you could get the upper hand

A group of differentiated workers has emerged alongside the rising numbers of startups. Trained and tested by the rigorous entrepreneurial environment, these young people are set apart by their skills and mindset, making them highly employable and valuable for any firm out there, startup or otherwise. The buzz surrounding startups is in part due to the drive and professionalism of the individuals working in these young companies, that attracts more like-minded partners and employees.

Stand out from the rest
If you have been thinking about how to increase your worth as a working individual and market yourself differently from others, definitely consider cutting your teeth at a startup company. Many fresh graduates hold on to damaging misconceptions about the lacklustre prestige of these newly established companies and would rather choose to work in large MNCs with recognisable names. However, the working culture of startups is unlike any other and it will definitely polish you into a professional who can command a competitive pay. It is time to start planning for the future because the days of staying ten years or even more at a single company are long gone and job trends these days dictate that change is inevitable. Having a startup working experience in your portfolio will give you an edge over others and this is especially so if your startup company actually makes it big.

Experiment, learn and improve yourself
Startup working culture is usually defined by its flexibility and generally laid-back atmosphere — think casual dress codes and bean bags everywhere. The catch is however, the expectations that accompany such freedom and privilege. Targets are supremely important in self-made companies and no time can be wasted in unproductivity or stagnancy. This means that a great deal of initiative has to be taken on your part. If previously you experienced boredom or monotony at work, startups will turn that around for you. You might have to take up a leadership role or work ever more closely with your team. The dynamism of startups will allow you to experiment with different roles and responsibilities. You will discover where your strengths lie and improve your weaknesses at the same time, making you a more self-aware, skilled and ultimately more employable person. There are far fewer hierarchies and boundaries to break in a startup so it is easier to approach your superiors if you want to try something different or if you need help. Such experiences will go a long way in developing yourself as a multi-skilled, experienced worker who knows what is going on in the field.

Join the ranks of the best
A startup is heavily reliant on its team — it is make or break time and a test to see if you can withstand the pressure and contribute significantly. If you can take initiative, plan and execute campaigns in a startup, you will probably be one of the best in your field. Instead of being neglected at a large firm, your presence will be magnified in a small startup that will need your skills and brains. Rub shoulders with your startup founders and learn on the job with no holds barred. You might even be tasked to meet clients or have the chance to network in less intimidating environments. Truly, startups are where opportunities abound. Startups are tough, but you gain more at these companies than at anywhere else. Working in a startup means growing together with it — you will be shaped into a better version of yourself before you even know it.

This article was contributed by Joey Lim, a writer at the e-commerce startup ShopBack.my.

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