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Help, my boss doesn’t like me!

Posted on 2021-02-18 09:00:00

Here’s how to deal.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone got along, especially at work? Mondays to Fridays would be so pleasant and you’d go home with a big smile on your face.

But… that’s not how life works. And sometimes, the person who doesn’t like you is the person who is the most important at work – YOUR BOSS.

There are plenty of signs your boss doesn’t like you, and you can read all about it here. Sometimes, it is just a matter of personalities clashing... other times it can be a serious case of hate.

So what do you do if you are on the receiving end? Should you quit?

Not quite. Yups, having a boss who doesn’t like you sucks but that doesn’t mean you should up and go even if that’s your first instinct. Here are things you can do to win the boss over or to remain professional and still get far in your career.

#1 Continue being proactive
If you don’t do anything wrong, your boss can’t blame you for anything. That’s rule #1. Make sure you are conscientious about your work. Check every detail, go through everything twice. You may have to work harder than the rest so not to give your boss a reason to think “I knew it.”

Plus, who knows, if you continue delivering good work, your boss may just have a change of heart or maybe someone else higher up might notice and be on your team. That’s one way to work around the boss who doesn’t like you!

#2 Be respectful
Just because your boss is being unprofessional doesn’t mean you should do the same. Especially if your boss is giving you the cold shoulder or making life difficult for you. While it’s difficult to work under such stressful situations, you shouldn’t let it take you down, especially if you love what you do.

Continue giving your all and remain professional and respectful to your boss. Say hi, ask the occasional how are you, answer politely (even when the boss is being difficult). Show that you’re someone who doesn’t take things personal and perhaps that might make your boss change his perception of you.

#3 Show that you are serious about work
Not getting the promotion you want? Sidelined for a raise? Before you go complaining to everyone that your boss is being unfair, consider the other reasons why this might be happening. It’s easy to forget that sometimes you too have a role to play if your boss is less favourable of you – maybe you are sloppy at your work, you have a too-casual attitude, or you’re just not up to your boss’s standards.

What to do if this is the case? Find out why you’re being turned down. Ask your boss “What should I do to get that promotion?” If it really is a case of you not having the right skills, your boss will definitely talk to you about it. But if it is a case of him being unprofessional, then you won’t get the right answers and knowing this will help you decide if you should really stay in this job.

#4 Don’t stay out of sight
The best way to deal with someone who doesn’t like you is to stay far away, right? Not if that person is your boss. Going all out to not be in the pantry when your boss is there or walking the opposite direction will eventually stand out to your boss that you’re avoiding him or trying to hide something. And this can reinforce his negative impression of you.

Just be normal and do what you’re supposed to (and go beyond). You can’t force people to like you but you can avoid from giving your boss more reasons to not think highly of you. Continue contributing as a team member and provide valuable input whenever you can.

#5 Consider leaving
Did everything and still can’t seem to get your boss to be on your side? Maybe it really is time to leave. Your boss could have a personal vendetta and no matter what you do, he’s all out to block you from success. Or your boss just hates everyone. If this is the case, there’s nothing much that you can do to change his mind so the next best thing to do for your career is leave for a company that will value your better as an employee.

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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