#LifeatCoke, Everyday is a learning curve!

"Everything you go through is a lesson… put it in the library of your mind and pull it out whenever you need it in the future”.

As a Territory Sales Manager to the General Trade Department, Pardeep has overcome numerous odds and successes along his journey. An active extra-curricular lifestyle during his undergraduate years exposed him to various industries and business fields which allowed him to discover his true passion. It was the penultimate year of his Engineering course when Pardeep discovered that he would like to venture into the FMCG industry and his passion to be a business leader in an organization. The FMCG industry greatly piqued his interest as many of its industry leaders centers its core values to impact the world positively and it is made possible through its scalability, thus higher potential to give back to the community.

Upon entering the Coca-Cola Bottling Investment Group (BIG) in 2016 as a Management Associate, Pardeep felt he was very fortunate to cross paths with reporting managers and leaders in the organization that has sincere intentions to develop his capabilities according to his aspirations. For a young inexperienced fresh graduate in the workforce, his energy and spirits solely were not enough, but the guidance of his amazing supervisors and leaders with admirable passion enabled his growth for the better.

When questioned further on the necessary traits needed to succeed, his thirst to learn was the driving factor. It may sound cliché to certain individuals, but the importance of this particular trait cannot be discounted. It’s not limited to learning just the status quo, but also being curious on how to further improve or grow a particular business, operations or even a team. He further added that most individuals will go on a “settle down” mode, however the few who remains agile to adapt and drive positive change in their environment will be the ones who will bring the organization to the next level of success. “There is no limit to developing self-capability. Anything that seems out of our capacity can be learned, trained, and refined”.

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