Five Ways You’ll Succeed at Work!

You don’t want to miss these pro tips from Farid Basir, Chief Human Capital Officer of Bank Rakyat.

INNOVATION Identify unmet customers’ needs and turn them into viable opportunities for your company. Also advantageous is the ability to eliminate waste and add value.

INTEGRITY While integrity is integral to banking, Farid believes it should also mean time integrity or punctuality. “Time is money. It is precious so always be on time when it comes to work, appointments and deadlines.”

CHANGE AGILITY Be adaptable to changes. Learn to change in order to excel. Use your skills to adapt appropriately to current situations. For instance, when your expectations remain unmet at work, adjust and change those expectations to fit the current situation.

BE COMFORTABLE WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE Force yourself to do things you are uncomfortable with. Push yourself to do things that take you out of your comfort zone. For example, if you are an introvert, brush up on your public speaking skills.

LIFELONG LEARNING Transiting from study to work life means learning to be a professional. Farid says, “The learning continues and my advice to fresh graduates is network extensively and have friends who have more experience. When I graduated, I set out to make friends and mingle with people beyond my age group. I treat them as mentors and learn a lot from them over the years.”

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