KPMG Wants You to be Their Ambassador!

By Mel Sim

Get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be a part of KPMG even before you graduate via its unique KPMG Ambassadorship Programme. Here’s how it will benefit you.

#1 Opportunities to build professional relationships with top leaders in KPMG
You know that networking can help advance your chances of being hired. That’s exactly the golden opportunity you’ll receive as a KPMG ambassador. Throughout the programme, Ambassadors will have the chance to build professional relationships with top leaders in the firm in a mentor-mentee environment, participate as co-planners in various events and activities as well as work and deliver tasks that simulate real work-life scenarios.

#2 Get to know the ins and outs of KPMG and the industry.
As an Ambassador, you’ll learn more about KPMG’s functions and work culture through networking sessions and seek advice via direct telecommunication channels. You’ll also get to practise what is being shared through KPMG Mega events throughout the year where you will meet with top management and various partners in Audit, Tax and Advisory. In fact, the KPMG Ambassadorship Programme is strongly supported by the leaders of KPMG who will regularly take part in future events, giving you direct access to them. How’s that for being in even before you’re hired!

#3 You’ll receive insider experiences that will align you with what the industry needs from future talent
A common complaint by many employers is the fact that many young Malaysian graduates are not meeting the expectations of high standards and good quality employees. Not you if you’re a KPMG Ambassador. This is because the firm itself ensures that universities and graduates are updated and stay relevant to the current industry practices, standards and expectations of employers. And via the programme, KPMG offers all its Ambassadors the platform and mentorship to improve on their hard and soft skills.

#4 Receive valuable knowledge and skills that will take you far in your career, whatever that might be!
Majority of the first-hand experiences that appointed ambassadors will continue to receive what is crucial to their future employability attractiveness to prospective employers no matter what industry they end up in. This is because KPMG is dedicated to make sure that all avenues are explored and show that in the current era, you don’t have to be what you study if it no longer interests you. A steady growth in the Malaysian graduates whether through their quality of work or improvement of their attitude and character will be something that excites KPMG, and KPMG wants to be a part of it all.

Ready to take charge of your future via the KPMG Ambassadorship Programme? Here’s what the firm is looking for in potential candidates:

  • First or second year undergraduate students of Malaysian nationality
  • CGPA 3.5 and above preferred
  • A high level of confidence
  • Passionate in pursuing a career in KPMG
  • Proven leadership skills. Students who are currently holding a management position of a club, and athletes are highly sought after
  • Engaged in other related courses or activities that builds their interpersonal skills and character

For more info on the programme, visit KPMG's Virtual Booth at GRADUAN ASPIRE this 24-27 October!

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