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Ahhhh that short break you get between jobs – it’s the best, isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about your old job, and you have something new to look forward to. In between, you get all this time to catch up on the things you’ve always wanted to – reading, watching documentaries, catching up with friends, catching up on sleep!

Before you know it though, that transition period will soon be over and the last thing you want is to wonder how you didn’t do much. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we got some real-life tips on how you can make the most of the time you have between jobs.

“I took the opportunity to clear my wardrobe of old clothes and my library of old books, and sold them on Facebook and Carousell! It was great having all that time to declutter and even better that I made some money while at it.” Ching Ye

“I went for a hike every morning. I’ve always wanted to spend more time outdoors but work got in the way. While waiting to start my new role, I made it a point to wake up early to hit the trails. The good thing that came out from this is that I’m now a morning person and have managed to continue including this activity twice a week, even on working days. If anything, it made me realise that no matter how busy I got at work, I should always try to schedule in some exercise or time outdoors.” Mariam

“I did nothing! And I didn’t feel guilty about it. My previous job was so stressful and was even more demanding during my last month with handing over to my replacement and trying to finish up everything that was on my plate. My first day of ‘unemployment’, I slept in and woke up in the noon – it was absolutely heaven! Over the month of being in between work, I took time to recharge by visiting spas, going on short weekend trips, treating myself to brunches. I felt a lot more rejuvenated going into my new role.” Kian

“I signed up for courses! From baking classes to short online courses. I can now bake bread from scratch and know more about SEO, both coming in handy at my new office because my new colleagues absolutely love my bread and my SEO knowledge helped with the new role!” Shyan

“I did a short yoga-teaching course. I’ve always wanted to deepen my knowledge on yoga and with all that free time, I could really dedicate myself to my studies. Now, I am a certified yoga instructor and I even teach over the weekends. It’s a great way to upskill myself personally and I’m so glad I did it.” Pris

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