GRADUANTOP10: Ways To Impress Your Interviewer in 30 Seconds

By Mel Sim

Do all of these right and your chances of being hired are extremely high!

The most important part of a job interview? Right at the start. Because it is said that whether you’ll be hired – or not – depends on what kind of impression you make within the first 30 seconds. So to help you land that job, here are 10 things you need to do within 30 seconds of your interview.

#1 Be on time
Better yet, get to your interview 15 minutes before hand so that you have time to collect yourself and get rid of whatever nerves you have prior to the interview. Plus, starting early on your journey instead of allocating just enough time to get there can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency or unexpected traffic.

#2 Dress for success
Dress sloppily and your interviewer is bound to make an impression that you’re someone who’s tardy, lack discipline and essentially won’t be a good hire. But if you dress the part, you send the message that you’re serious about the job and can be trusted to do it well. Be careful not to be overdressed too – it says that you’re trying way too hard!

#3 A firm handshake
When you’re greeted by the interviewer, offer to shake hands – firmly, but not the grip of death – and introduce yourself to get the interview off on the right foot. A firm handshake says that you’re confident and sure of yourself.

#4 Show enthusiasm
Don’t walk into the interview room and slump on the chair. Don’t look uninterested either. If you do all of the above, why are you even at the interview? Instead, bring a positive attitude to the interview and show that you’re a great fit.

#5 Use your interviewer’s name
When your interviewer introduces themselves, remember the name and say, “Nice to meet you, XXXX.” This is a great start to make a good impression to show that you’re listening and sincerely interested in wanting the job.

#6 Be polite
Say hello to the receptionist. Hold the door if someone walks in after you. Wait patiently without looking annoyed if your interviewer is late. You never know who might be watching and giving you an assessment after.

#7 Sit up straight
Your body language right from the start makes a lot of difference and can either make or break the interview. Start by sitting up straight in the chair, hands in front – not crossed. Make eye contact and refrain from using your hands too much to appear confident and sure of yourself.

#8 Go easy on the perfume, makeup and hair products
Last thing you want is for your interviewer to remember you as the candidate with that overpowering perfume, too much makeup on or greasy hair from all that products. So go very light – you want to make a good impression and not one that causes your interviewer to be uncomfortable throughout the interview.

#9 No sweaty palms
Nobody wants to touch a slimy, sweaty palm. Which is why it’s important for you to arrive early at the interview, go to the restroom before, wash and thoroughly dry your hands. Keep a tissue in your pocket so you can make sure your hands are dry.

#10 Smile!
If anything at all, just make sure you smile when you introduce yourself – half the job is done just by being friendly and approachable!

Photo by Aron on Unsplash

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