Mah Sing's CEO Shares How to Become a Top Leader!

Want to know the tips? Let Datuk Ho Hon Sang, CEO of Mah Sing Group, tells you how to do it.

When you ask someone to do something, you have to demonstrate to them that you have done it before!

The University of Malaya graduate knew precisely which path he wanted to embark on and made civil engineering his profession of choice. Joining the design team with a consulting company granted him an opportunity to be involved in a big site project, gaining him exposure and experience.

Ultimately, it was pure hard work and sheer determination that assisted Datuk Ho in climbing the ladder of success.

The visionary leader, who leads by great example, sees the importance in being relatable to his colleagues – motivating, inspiring and encouraging them. “One crucial aspect for me is when you ask someone to do something, you have to demonstrate to them that you have done it before!” says Datuk Ho.

He went on to elaborate that having integrity and fairness is critical as how communication is active upward and downward, encouraging contribution and involvement from all parties.

Having said all that, it is also valuable to keep in mind that recognising the methods, rightful steps and processes of a leadership are all obtained with and through people, and that teamwork is on-going and imminent in a company, especially so in the property field.

“A business would collapse and would not exist if not for the emphasis of teamwork. And with technology available today, a smoother and better result can be achieved,” says Datuk Ho.

For those who aspire to follow in Datuk Ho’s footsteps, the inspiring leader advises that property development is a good industry to embark in and encourages individuals to be ready to work hard – Datuk Ho’s day starts as early as 6am and he only leaves the office by 8pm.

He also stresses the importance of family time, taking care of one’s self through exercise, and re-charging with enjoyable activities. Although work commitments give him little time for his hobbies, he can still be found at the golf course, reading or taking some much needed vacation time with his wife and children when the opportunity arises.

The CEO credits his filial and religious family background in building his personal foundation, adding that it is tremendously useful to have a strong virtue of patience and interpersonal skills.

“People with good fundamentals go very far! And always start with a noble purpose!” says Datuk Ho.

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