#GraduanTop10: 10 Power Words To Use In Your CV

By Mel Sim

Want your resume to stand out from the rest? Make sure you include these powers words in it.

You know the basic rule of writing your CV – make sure your spelling is flawless and stay away from clichés.

How about making it stand out? That’s when you want to use these 10 power words in your CV so that you can wow the recruiters with your skills. Plus, the words you use actually show what level you are at your career. Someone with more successes is likely to use more specific words, not vague descriptives. And if the candidate doesn’t see anything that excites him or her at first glance, - bye bye, job.

To help land your CV at the top of the pile, here are the 10 power words to use:

#1 “Delivered”
Everyone wants to hire someone who delivers results. If in your previous job or during your final year in school you were instrumental to the success of something, you can use this word to describe what it is that you delivered. Just be specific with the success by explaining what the end result of your work is.

#2 “Identified”
When you identify something, it means you were able to look at the bigger picture to see what is needed and also pay attention to the details to see what’s lacking. Essentially it shows you are an all-rounder with the skills to look at a problem from all angles.

#3 “Launched”
This is a simple yet powerful word that shows initiative and denotes responsibility. It also shows you were instrumental to the success of a project right from the start.

#4 “Orchestrated”
Orchestrated means to arrange and direct. Anybody can say they “led” a team, which is a good word to use but not powerful enough like “orchestrated”. When you use “orchestrated”, it means you put everything into play from start to end to ensure success. It means you’re a doer and possibly a mastermind of great ideas.

#5 “Improved”
It’s always about making things better at a job and if you have this power word in your resume, you are basically telling the recruiter what he or she wants to hear: That you have experience in making things work better/more smoothly/more efficient, and you will be invaluable to the company.

#6 “Supported”
You also need to show that you can be relied upon. Whether it is supporting your clients, department head or team members, ensure your CV shows how your actions benefit those you’re supporting. Also, using this power word highlights the fact that you are a team player, a quality companies are always looking for.

#7 “Numbers”
Don’t just say you improved the company’s bottom line; say you improved it by 100%! Adding numbers into your CV is the best way to give your recruiter an exact idea of what it is you accomplished.

#8 “Planned”
A planner is someone who is meticulous and goal-oriented. If you’ve successfully planned something in your previous job, it tells the recruiter you are capable of effective planning and has the experience to create work plans and the necessary steps to successfully complete a task or goal.

#9 “Resolved”
Great problem-solving skills are up there in a recruiter’s must-haves. So use the power word “resolved” to show that you have the ability to identify and resolve issues whether it is a minor or major issue.

#10 “Managed”
Everyone wants to hire a leader or at least someone with potential to go far. Also, managing is not just limited to staff management; it can also relate to time management and client management. So this power word is used to reflect your ability to manage yourself, deal with clients professionally as well as showcases your potential leadership skills.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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