Poofy Hair No More!

By Aminah Madihah

COCOdry shares with us their tips and tricks to maintaining humidity proof hair in Malaysian weather.

Does your hair tend to get frizzy, static, and hard to tame? That’s normal especially when you’re living in Malaysia where it’s hot and humid all year long. It’s sticky, hot outside, and it can cause major hair issues. Even worse when it starts raining out of the blue!

The combination of heat and moisture can lead to frizz, limpness, and other common hair problems. While we were trying to unlock the secrets of managing your mane, we thought, who better to ask than COCOdry?

COCOdry is the first blow dry bar in Malaysia - no cuts, no colour, just wash, blow, and style! If you’re in need of a self-care day, the salon provides scalp and hair treatment, and prioritises the use of natural hair products. So you won't come across any parabens, formaldehyde or any harmful substances that can harm your hair. They guarantee you happiness, confidence, and relaxation at each visit!

We reached out to founder Kim May Chee and asked some questions on how to keep your hair healthy, vibrant, and manageable in this humid weather. Here’s what she has to say:

What type of shampoo and conditioner should you use in humid conditions? Are there any specific ingredients to look for?
When it comes to shampoo and conditioner for humid conditions, you'll want to grab products that are all about fighting frizz and keeping moisture in check. Look out for keywords like "anti-frizz," "smoothing", and "hydrating" on the bottles. Keep an eye out for ingredients like argan oil or shea butter that create a protective shield against excess moisture. Check out cool options like Davines Shimmering Mist, Davines Oi Range from COCOdry.

What are some mistakes when trying to maintain hair in humid conditions?
One biggie is skipping out on moisturising goodies like conditioner, hair oil, or leave-in treatments. Humidity can leave your hair parched and frizz-prone, so slather on those hydrating products to keep it in tip-top shape. Don’t forget the heat protection! Before you go wild with styling tools, make sure to spritz on a heat protectant spray or serum. Your hair will thank you by staying healthy and frizz-free.

Are there any professional treatments or services you would recommend to help combat the effects of humidity on hair?
Absolutely! When it comes to fighting humidity, there are some pro treatments that work like magic. One hot choice is our Virgin treatment. Oh, and stay tuned because we’re super excited to launch our natural keratin treatment at the end of the year! These treatments create a shield around each strand, making your hair more resistant to the humid madness. Another fab option is a deep conditioning treatment, like the COCOdry Davines treatment. It gives your hair the moisture and nourishment it craves, leaving it healthier and less prone to frizz.

And there you have it! With the right knowledge and products, you can triumph over frizz, limpness, and other hair woes. Now you’ll be well on your way to enjoying luscious, manageable locks that defy Malaysia's tropical humidity.

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.

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