So What’s This About Being Vegan?

Is it really better for your health? (short answer is yes)

There’s vegetarianism (cutting meat from your diet) and then there is going vegan where you leave out meat AND any animal-based foods including milk, eggs and cheese.

Cheese too?!

Yes. Oh and also butter.

Sound like a crime against meaty meals but there are many who live by and swear it makes them feel like a completely new person!

Netflix documentary The Game Changers also helped put veganism on the map and changed public perception. Once seen as a boring diet of extreme animal enthusiasts is now the diet of elite athletes like Lewis Hamilton, Nate Diaz and Mr Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But just how much better is it for us?

There are some doubts, like this claim that cited athletes who were injured after going vegan.

Food for thought, for sure!

So why not decide for yourself? Here are some reasons why you should go vegan:

Increased blood flow
In The Game Changers, experts say that an animal-based meal can thicken our blood, slowing down the flow of oxygen and nutrients that the blood sends to our body. When you cut meat out, oxygen is sent faster to your muscles, which translates to better muscle endurance and increased athletic performance.

How clean is your meat?
2017 documentary What The Health presented a very scary finding: “88% of pork chops, 90% of ground beef and 95% of chicken breasts sampled were contaminated with fecal bacteria” according to a report here.

More energy, please!
Meat and dairy products are harder to digest, zapping your energy and leaving you tired. Does that sleepy feeling you get going back to work after a big lunch come to mind? That could be due to the meat you’ve eaten!

Mercy on your wallet
Centring your diet around beans, grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits and other plant-based foods can save you a lot of money! On top of that, eating clean will also save you a trip to the doctor from all the diseases related to eating meat. Going vegan significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease!

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