Disrupt Beauty through L'Oréal’s Brandstorm 2022!

By Ahmed Wafi

Win an intrapreneurship to Paris in this global innovation competition open to everyone under 30!

L'Oréal is giving you the chance to unleash your inner innovator!

The world’s leader in beauty and cosmetics is inviting the public to register for Brandstorm 2022, a global innovation competition where youth under the age of 30 will form a gender-diverse team of three and pitch the most disruptive project in their chosen tracks.

The three tracks are:

  • The Inclusion Track – Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Think breakaway products that will help empower inclusive beauty!
  • The Green Track – Environmentally friendly products? Smart packaging? We’re giving you the chance to create the next generation of sustainable beauty.
  • The Tech Track – Technology evolves every day and so does beauty. How can you incorporate technology into beauty personalisation? The ball is your park.

Pick your most preferred track and start innovating! An intrapreneurship in Paris awaits the winning team.

With teams from over 65 countries participating, contestants can expect to be going up against some of the brightest minds in beauty across the world while being coached and mentored by a team of L'Oréal experts. The national champions will then move on to the international finals taking place later this year.

Through Brandstorm, contestants will be able to discover the L'Oréal working culture and expose themselves to a variety of career opportunities within the organisation, boost their professional skills through a complete learning path that includes a masterclass, a private mentoring session with L'Oréal experts and lastly, have fun working in a team to unleash their creativity!

2021 National Champion Team Shield & Regeneration member Daniel Cheong was grateful for the experience saying, “The experience with L'Oréal Brandstorm 2021 has been exciting and fulfilling. We strongly recommend anyone who is considering participating in this competition to just go for it! There's truly no limit to the soft and critical skills that can be picked up along the way, and we are truly honoured to have been a part of this.”

The team which consisted of Daniel Cheong, Christopher Khoo and Ler Jie Sze (Jessie) from the University of Nottingham Malaysia developed a strategy to introduce and promote male skincare through gaming as it’s a booming industry with a male-dominated demography.

Talking about her key takeaways, Jessie was pleased to have had Edward Ling, Chief Digital Officer at L'Oréal, to mentor their team during the finals that helped her learn more about the beauty market and develop her business acumen.

“My favourite part of Brandstorm was how we were given a license to be as creative as we could with our approach and ideas. Our mentors gave us tips and feedback based on our presentation and how realistic our ideas were,” Christopher recalled his experience.

Click here to take on the Brandstorm 2022 challenge and disrupt beauty 2022! What do you have to lose?

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