Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP)

By Mel Sim

Axiata Group's Graduate Programme aims to make leaders out of its young trainees. Find out how!

Our mission of Advancing Asia is to improve the quality of life through innovation, connectivity, and talent. In an era of digital disruption, we’re developing young talent who will go on to lead the way - it’s a journey for those that can think and act digitally. The Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP) is your gateway to a future where you can accelerate your career and add value to the community.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunities

The Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP) is an 18-month programme that aims to develop young talented Malaysians into business leaders of tomorrow through on-the-job experiences along with a structured learning and development curriculum. Axiata Graduate Trainees have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Revenue-Generating and Enabler departments in Axiata Group Berhad and its group of companies throughout their job rotations.

Be An All-Rounder

Throughout the 18 months, Axiata Graduate Trainees will undergo a series of three job rotations, each for six months across the Group of Companies. The objective is to allow graduate trainees a broad understanding of the telecommunications and digital industry. In addition to the job rotations, leadership development is provided to them through the Young CEO Development Programme (YCDP).

Know The Ins and Outs

At the end of the programme, graduate trainees will have acquired a broad understanding of the industry Axiata Group is present in as well as land a permanent position within the Group of Companies.

Here’s How You Can Score A Spot

The search is on for young talented Malaysians who resonate with Axiata’s mission of Advancing Asia; individuals who are driven, innovative, and eager to go above and beyond!

Applications are received online through the company website here: Axiata Graduate Programme (AGP)

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