So you want a job in insurance?

First, make sure you have the right mindset, says Gan Leong Hin, Chief Executive Officer at Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad. Consumers need to be educated constantly so that they can make an informed decision when they buy life insurance.

At Prudential, there is a firm belief that when Malaysians seek financial advice, they should approach a quality financial planner, which is why the company is focused on recruiting full-time agents who are highly educated and committed.

“We have attracted more Gen Y agents, which will definitely put us in good stead as we strive to reach out to more Malaysians, especially younger customers. Our efforts to educate Malaysians to be financially savvy extend beyond our insurance products and solutions. Financial education is a key pillar in our CSR programme… we aspire to build a financially literate and resilient society,” says Gan.

“But to do that, you need a change. You need to start with yourself first. You need to push yourself to the limit to make a difference in an organisation. The challenge for the industry is having people who are energetic and want to affect change. (They are the ones) who want to improve whatever we are doing currently,” says Gan.

Being energetic and having a desire to bring about positive changes are some of the traits Prudential looks out for in its talent and future leaders. To succeed, Gan says, you should be passionate, hardworking and possess a strong work ethic. Otherwise, you will find yourself always on the back foot. “It is the combination of having the right intellect and passion for what we do and work with the people around us.”

It’s not about the money.

Says Gan when it comes to choosing the right career for you. More on his advice below.

#1 “Get a job that excites you because you will not be able to do it otherwise.”

#2 “Look for a job that allows you to grow.”

#3 “Choose the right industry you want to work in.”

#4 “Find a job that rewards you. Rewards can come in other forms. For example, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme at Prudential is geared towards helping the less privileged and many of its employees find it very meaningful to volunteer and contribute to society. In 2014, Prudential built 14 houses for the families of Kampung Serasa whose homes were destroyed in the December floods in Kuala Krai, Kelantan. The rebuilding effort involved more than 380 employees and agency volunteers from Prudential’s offices throughout Malaysia and 12 other countries.

Building a house from the ground up was an eye-opener for the volunteers. With no building experience, they managed to construct a house in four days despite the adverse weather.”

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