What #teamGRADUAN Looks Forward To Once the Pandemic is Over…

By Mel Sim

It may still be a long shot before things really go back to normal (or not) but we certainly are looking forward to doing our favourite things when the pandemic is under control. Here’s #TeamGraduan’s wish list!

Nabil Marie, CEO
“I'm looking forward to traveling the most! I have friends and family living abroad and I haven't seen them in so long! We've been stuck at home for the better part of two years and I think it would be nice to recharge a little bit by getting on a plane and seeing the world."

Dini Syafiqah, Graphic Designer
“My dream has always been to travel the world! I’m still young so I’m looking forward to travelling, exploring more of the outside world, trying out new things, meeting friends across the states and just being able to go out anywhere without having to worry about the pandemic. It has been so depressing having to stay at home for so long so having the chance to go out sounds great!”

Adib Noh, Head of GRADUAN Tech Team
“I look forward to a hybrid workplace. During the pandemic, we saw the WFH order being adopted mandatorily and it has saved a lot of money on parking and petrol! Having a hybrid workplace will allow me to experience the best of both worlds as I will also get to meet and interact with my colleagues once in a while. I also miss my hometown and food from restaurants a lot. I look forward to eating out every now and again once we go back to the ‘old normal’.”

Fatin Yussoff, PR and Events Lead
“I look forward to a lot of things once the pandemic is over but two things in particular I feel are on top of my post-pandemic bucket list is firstly to reunite with my family whom I haven’t met in almost two years. The second thing is to pamper myself! I miss going to spas and salons to just blow off steam!”

Ahmed Wafi, Content Creator
“I look forward to so many other things including tourism and live sports events! Nothing beats being in a crowd cheering on your favourite football team and celebrating victories. Most importantly, I look forward to a living a safer life for me and my family.”

Dania Aziz, Content Creator
“I can’t wait for things to go back to the way they used to be. I miss having the freedom to book a short weekend getaway in the neighbouring countries, being able to get McDonald’s at 3 in the morning, getting to see my friends and visit my family whenever I want and mostly not having to put my life on hold. I also look forward to completing my bucket list!”

Tell us what you are looking forward to! Send us a tweet at @graduan to have your voice heard!

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