By Jean Lee

“The RHB-AGILE@SCALE programme empowers one to move quickly and easily. It also encourages the ability to think swiftly and conclude efficiently. It is more satisfying when there is a motivating environment with the same mission/vision to work towards to. The team learns products end to end and speaks up to contribute actions. In the end, a leadership mind-set is built and success is celebrated as a whole! It empowers people to work for you and with you! We envision it to be an environment where people would want to work in!” says Mr Kai Kux as he explains the AGILE@SCALE programme at RHB.

The tribes (team) understand their specific contributions leading to an impact on improvement when required. When employee engagement goes up it leads to a positive employer branding. It improves productivity, produces faster turnaround time, there are fewer handovers, and a definite higher employee engagement. Micromanaging is the thing of the past! It’s a good early start for a healthy work culture!

Within the banking industry today, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate one financial institution to another. Focusing on growth and strengthening its position in Malaysia, RHB bank is moving forward with the Agile model, which is a radical departure from how banks have historically been operating. “In the digital era today, the AGILE bank can grow market share and reduce operational costs in exciting new ways!” says Mr Kai Kux, the Head of AGILE@SCALE at RHB.

Just six months into his new role at RHB, the Economics and Finance graduate is ecstatic and highly motivated to accomplish his mission of driving the AGILE@SCALE programme to its fullest potential within RHB. “I’m truly excited about the possible change in the future, the progress and the final outcome, as well as the potential growth of AGILE@SCALE,” expresses the German native.

In this exclusive interview, the enthusiastic leader explains to us the dynamics and methods of the programme as RHB strives towards a new and exciting way of working. AGILE@SCALE is about culture and values embedded through processes and ceremonies.

Firstly, it is about Customer Focus – collaborations with the customer that incorporates iterations and continuous feedback to successfully refine and deliver product/services.

Secondly, it is about Output Orientation – the programme uses continuous planning as well as testing and integration of products, services and processes that delivers the required working output.

Thirdly, it is about Adaptability in an Uncertain Environment or Setting – responding to change, AGILE@SCALE balances flexible long time planning with detailed short term plans to review priorities frequently and to adapt quickly.

Fourthly, it is about Empowering Teams – focuses on empowering people to collaborate and make decisions together, quickly and effectively.

Mr Kai Kux went on to add, “The AGILE@SCALE delivery methods revolve around small delivery teams which require less hierarchy through collaboration and is a resourceful engagement approach.”

The Head of AGILE@SCALE elaborates more on the AGILE ways of working at RHB, breaking them down into these four points:
• Multi-disciplinary teams with the right mix of resources required to complete assigned tasks in an iterative process.
• Teams with clear and specific objectives aligned with Group strategic intent.
• Empowered, autonomous, customer-centric and output-driven teams.
• Environment that embrace change and rewards risk-taking.

“This breakthrough work execution model will change the future of banking and is now part of the FIT22 strategy of RHB,” Mr Kai Kux comments. With this, the leadership team has pledged to incorporate the transformation by constantly working with customers at the forefront, investing in talent and leadership development, keeping integrity at its core, encouraging people to challenge ideas, and prioritizing the important tasks.

“The impact of the movement is all about maximizing output, achieving positive results, and avoiding meaningless work!” says Mr Kai Kux, highlighting some of the benefits of AGILE. The target outcome of this transformation is clearly defined by faster speed-to-market of products and services as well as to boost productivity and turnaround time. It’s also expected to amplify customer experience, increase employee engagement, drive a high-performance culture, produce new talent, and build a development platform.

In the upcoming months, the innovative Head at RHB will vigorously work to achieve the transformational objectives involving change across the many dimensions of the RHB Group. To align with this vision, potential candidates hired would be required to fit into the AGILE environment seamlessly. Strong communication skills, a direct approach, good teamwork and collaboration, as well as being bright and ambitious are some of the key traits in an individual that Mr Kai Kux looks for.

“It is an exciting journey ahead and by 2020 we aim to bring a rewarding positive change via AGILE@SCALE here at RHB!”

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