Unwind Without Going on a Holiday

By Mel Sim

Yes, you can save your vacation days but still get the benefits of going on one.

Do you feel like everytime you sit at your desk, dread overwhelms you and you wish you could just whisk yourself away from work to a far, far away beach sipping a cooler enjoying the breeze?

We all feel like that sometimes ... but unfortunately, not all of us can just pack up and leave for that beach holiday, whether it is because of piling work or lack of moolah.

So what to do? You can’t just keep trudging through (hello, burnout!) or aim to do your best while your stress increases (hello, non productive!).

Fortunately, you can still recharge without having to book yourself a holiday. Just a little bit of improvisation, some positive attitude, and these six easy “mini-breaks” you can do at home.

#1 Go for a digital detox
Dread every time your phone buzzes thinking it is either a client or your boss asking for something? While our smartphones have brought a lot of conveniences to our lives, it also adds to our stress levels. Also, spending all those aimless hours on Facebook and Instagram won’t do any good for your productivity level or emotional health, especially when you see your friends off on exotic holidays while you’re stuck in the office.

Our suggestion? Take a digital detox this weekend. Shut off your phone, turn off your computer. Tell friends and family you’ll be uncontactable for a while ... and just r-e-l-a-x! Do something you enjoy – like reading a book, baking a cake or just laze and snooze in bed. At the end of your detox, you’ll find that you feel completely recharged.

#2 Do something out of your routine
Our brain gets bored with the same old same old. Plus, a routine can get monotonous and make you feel like you’re in a rut. To change things up, do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. It doesn’t have to be extreme – something simple like taking a different route to work, trying out a new restaurant or checking out a new yoga class will help rewire your brain and get it excited again.

#3 Head outdoors!
Nothing like Mother Nature to give you a new outlook in life. Plus all the greenery and fresh air – absolutely what you need when stress is getting to you. Go for a hike early in the morning with some friends (click here for some cool hiking destinations). The increased level of serotonin (what you get after a good workout) helps induce feelings of calmness and happiness, which is just what the stress doctor ordered.

#4 Change your scenery
Seeing the same cluttered desktop or drab office cubicle will make it hard for you to feel excited about work. Plus, experts say that changing your surroundings can have a positive effect on your attitude. It can be as simple as adding a plant or photos of your fur baby, or just switching your computer background to an inspirational quote or the Eiffel Tower (Paris, one day?). If you’re in an office that allows flexibility, try working from a different area to incite excitement and productivity.

#5 Stretchhhhhhhhh
You know what works when you’re feeling tensed up? A quick stretch, which you can easily do at your workspace. Every half hour or so when you’re feeling tired, do this: Stand up, bend forward, and reach for your toes. Then, raise your arms over your head, lower them down slowly to each side with your palms facing forward and stretch!

#6 Plan a future holiday
You can still plan your next big holiday and reap all the excitement from it to feel invigorated again. It helps take your mind off temporarily from all your deadlines; plus it gives you something to look forward to after the end of a major project.

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