Here's What Life is Like in One of Malaysia's Largest Property Developer!

Find out how one of Malaysia's most preferred Property Developer offers endless possibilities

Describe your role at the company.
As a quantity surveyor, my job covers all aspects of a construction project life cycle that includes contract administration, financial management, cost planning, procurement and tendering. I am also involved in doing sales on weekends. The best part about having a wide job scope is that the learning curve is very steep, and the possibilities are endless. It really keeps you on your toes and most importantly, you get to advance as an individual.

How did you end up at EcoWorld?
My first encounter with EcoWorld was when I attended the UKEC-GRADUAN Malaysian Career Fair back in 2015. After being called for an interview, I landed an internship with the company during my summer break the same year. Even as an intern, they gave me similar opportunities to learn and grow. Obviously, upon graduating, I applied for the full-time position.

What are the things you look forward to in your industry?
It offers a wide range of construction components ranging from buildings, infrastructures, mechanical and electrical services, and many more. The technology and method adopted evolves over time, and this makes it interesting and exciting to work with as it’s a never-ending learning process. The amount of hands-on work that comes with the job encourages you to squeeze every bit of your creativity to plan things and solve issues. Every day is a new day as different construction sites bring new challenges.

What is the work environment like at EcoWorld?
Having a positive and conducive work environment is the first step to ensure things can progress smoothly. We practise that amongst ourselves and it inherently improves communication and collegiality, allowing us to work and discuss things openly between one another. This really helped me in developing my skills as my seniors are all ears whenever I voice something out.

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