4 Video Games That Test Your Intellect and Widen Your Horizons

By Ahmed Wafi

Contrary to what your parents used to say, videos games can actually be good for your brain. Very good.

No, we are not referring to games like GTA, Doom or Call of Duty. Despite games like those having a lot of pros, interactive features and stunning graphics, a lot of the cons (like mindless violence and unnecessary profanities) might still outweigh the plus points. But we’ll save games you should avoid for another writeup.

We’ll be discussing witty and clever games you can play on your computer that we feel will do wonders to stimulate your brain, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while having lots of fun in the process. These games also don’t require all that much commitment so you won’t find yourself playing them hours on end.

Here are four games to try!

The only way for you to beat this game is to think outside the box. Superliminal presents players with a series of levels consisting of very unorthodox puzzles. Each level will see a certain number of objects in the room that can be used to break into the next level but only if you’re smart enough to use them. Superliminal is all about perspective and if you want to win the game, you’re going to need to take a step back and look at the puzzles from a different perspective. Try that the next time you encounter a real-life problem and you’ll see how effective that is.

The Stanley Parable
This one’s quite wacky. So, the player works in an office and one day gets up from his desk to find that everyone’s disappeared. As you’re playing, a narrator will be telling you what’s going on while at the same time dictating the storyline. The twist here is that you can defy the narrator and create your own story! Every door opened and every decision made in the game will lead to a different story path which will eventually lead to a different game ending. Sounds just like life 🤔.

You’d be forgiven to think that this game would be made for kids. Despite the furry cartoon-like characters called Grumpuses populating the game, the game’s philosophy and storyline are much darker than what meets the eye, bringing a much deeper meaning to ‘you are what you eat’.

Your problem-solving skills will be put to the test in this game as you’ll need to learn about the different kinds of Bugsnax (critters made of half bug half snack that Grumpuses eat) and be able to catch them to complete the missions. There are over 100 Bugsnax in the universe and catching some might be easier than others. As you dive deeper in the game, you’ll discover the dark secrets and philosophy that will convince you that this really isn’t a kids’ game.


This game is exactly what you think. Online chess. One of the oldest (if not the oldest) thinking man’s game that will without a doubt put your thinking skills to the test. You can play against the computer, strangers online, and even friends once you create an account!

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