Easy Ways To Live Sustainably ♻️

By Siew Ching

Being an eco-warrior doesn’t have to be difficult as our easy-peasy tips show you how.

From what we eat to what we buy and how we get rid of our waste, everything we do has an impact on the planet we live on. And the buzzword these days is sustainable living. What this means is to make conscious efforts to reduce our environmental footprint for the good of everyone and everything that lives on Earth – plants, animals, and yes even we are affected by what happens to Earth!

The good news is that more and more people are making the effort to live sustainably. The even better news is that it is quite easily done! Here are some tips to get you started on a sustainable journey.

#1 Reduce single-use plastic and paper items
Straws, coffee cups, paper plates, paper utensils, bottles, takeaway containers – these are basically things you use once and then discard. The amount of waste you can save just by saying no! Not to mention the energy you can conserve that is used to produce these items and transport them. Either repurpose the glass bottles (a rustic vase, anyone) or better yet, get yourself a stylish eco-friendly reusable cup for the next time you order coffee out. Think too about cutlery sets and food containers you can get and reuse!

#2 Reduce your consumption of meat
There’s a reason why plant-based food is gaining traction – many are opting for a less meat diet as a more sustainable option. Factory farmed animal protein has a higher carbon footprint than many other food options – it is responsible for the pollution of groundwater, air, and soil, and consumes an extraordinary amount of energy and water. Swapping your meat intake for sustainably sourced seafood or veggies for one or two meals a week can reduce your carbon footprint.

#3 Cook more at home
Speaking of food, did you know that cooking more of your meals at home is a great way to live sustainably? This way, you reduce plastic waste that is used at a restaurant and also save on energy as well as water. Then there is also the matter of reducing food waste that is super common at restaurants! You might even want to invest in an at-home composting system or choose to use your discarded veggies for some other meals, like making broth.

#4 BYOB!
Bring your own bags when shopping! This helps to tremendously reduce the use of single-use plastic bags. Get yourself some canvas bags (but not too many or it defeats the purpose) and use these when you go grocery shopping or even if shopping for clothes.

#5 Buy less, consume less, throw away less
Whether it is food, clothing, gadgets or whatever it is you love to shop for, we all could stand to slow down on our shopping habits. Ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary for you to buy something, whether it adds value to your life. This will help you re-evaluate your shopping habits so you don’t just collect stuff that you only throw away later – not exactly sustainable!

#6 Grow your own veggies
Home gardening is a great way to live sustainably… and you get great produce at the end of it! It helps reduce your food waste and reduce the footprint from farming. Every little bit helps.

#7 Swap your belongings!
A great way to live sustainably is by reducing your waste. But this can be difficult judging from the amount of stuff we have. Don’t throw them just yet – you can help find a new owner for your stuff. Some of your books can go to friends who are looking to add new titles to their library. Old clothes can be donated or with a little bit of creativity, made into a simple canvas bag for your shopping.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash.

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