Be Future-Ready with the Maxis Graduate Programme

Maxis has always strived to bring out the best in employees through its culture and values. Maxis Graduate Programme is a platform for young Malaysian talent to kick-start their careers. Here’s all you need to know about the programme.

Natalia Navin, Chief Human Resources

“At Maxis, our employees have always been our most valuable asset in attaining our goals, and we are dedicated to developing Malaysia's next generation of forward-thinking leaders. To ensure our people are future-ready, our talent programmes have a strong focus on developing young talent with the right skills and attitude to build future leaders. As Malaysia’s Leading Converged Solutions Company, Maxis has a responsibility to give meaningful career possibilities, and we are continuing to upskill our current employees to support a digital Maxis,” says Chief Human Resources Officer Natalia Navin.

The Maxis Graduate Programme was launched in 2021, and it aims to bridge and create a seamless transition from university to working life. Graduates will be able to gain valuable experience in a fast-paced, dynamic workplace that encourages creativity and innovation, allowing them to advance further in their careers. It is a one-year programme where graduates can develop new skills in their selected area of specialty while being exposed to cutting-edge technology and innovation. They will get the chance to rotate in different areas or departments such as People and Organisation (HR), Enterprise, Sales and Service, Technology Strategy, Information Technology, Finance and Consumer Business.

With the world changing and moving towards a different phase, it’s important to Always Be Ahead to make certain that your skills and knowledge will be useful to you in the future. The Maxis Graduate Programme gives opportunities for graduates to gain experiences in various areas such as the opportunity to work for two weeks at its retail and contact centres. Graduates will also be exposed to the Action Learning Programme (ALP) that provides learning and opportunities to contribute outside of their daily routines. During their one-year programme, graduates will be able to take on two ALPs. Not only that, they will face a high learning curve and will be encouraged to take charge of their own initiatives. These projects will assist them in identifying their abilities.

To achieve optimal productivity, a healthy working environment is essential. Through this programme, graduates will not only be part of an inclusive and diverse workplace community but will also get the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, putting them on a fast track to specialisation and allowing them to become subject matter experts or leaders in areas they are passionate about.

Let’s hear from two Graduate Associates on their experience joining the Maxis Graduate Programme.

Nicholas, Channel Transformation Associate

“I joined Maxis in August 2021 as a Sales and Service Graduate Associate. For my first rotation, I was assigned to Telesales and worked on a variety of projects. I was overjoyed when I was offered a permanent position with the Telesales team, allowing me to continue working on the projects I had been involved in previously. I accepted the offer in December and began working as a Channel Transformation Associate, where I investigate chances for Telesales to pivot to more digital methods.”

He also shared that it is important to be open minded and honest to be able to succeed in any field you choose to pursue. “We need to be willing to go the extra mile, take up new challenges, be experimental and most importantly, to always be confident in anything we do as that is one of the keys to success.”

Saviendra, Young Talent Associate

“I started my journey in the Maxis Graduate Programme as a People and Organisation (P&O) Associate. During my one-year service, I rotated through the P&O division four times - Total Rewards & People Services, Employer Branding, Learning & Development, and Young Talent teams. I joined the Young Talent team as a Young Talent Associate after graduating from the programme. This position has given me the opportunity to follow my passion for people interaction and the development of new talent, such as myself.”

What are some words of advice she would give to today’s youth? “We frequently feel compelled to have our careers planned out from the start. It's fine if you have no idea what you want or where to begin; just take the first step, and don't be afraid to make errors, learn from them, and evolve into the person you want to be. Someone once told me that in order to survive the working world, you need to absorb and understand as much as possible,” says Saviendra.

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