A Learning Opportunity

By Jean Lee

A career in tax is all about continuous development and expanding knowledge. KPMG Malaysia’s Executive Director of Indirect Tax Services Ng Sue Lynn tells GRADUAN® the advantages and challenges.

Having been with KPMG for 14 years, Ng Sue Lynn, KPMG’s Executive Director of Indirect Tax Services of KPMG Malaysia, always held the tax industry as an interesting industry to master. Upon graduating from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, the Accounting & Finance graduate spent a couple of years working in the United Kingdom before returning to Malaysia and joining KPMG's corporate tax department. Following that, she was seconded to KPMG ASPAC in Singapore for 6.5 months. “It was a different role, expanding my knowledge management and overall a great experience to connect with people from other countries,” says Ng.

In 2013, she moved to focus on the GST section that eventually led to her position as Executive Director of Indirect Tax Services where she currently leads a team of more than 20 people in indirect tax, service tax, sales tax, GST, customs and trade division. Her daily responsibilities include providing robust advisory, addressing enquiries, and meeting with clients as well as Customs to discuss various issues.

“It’s quite challenging to have to switch from corporate tax to indirect tax, having to learn new trades quickly, as well as managing clients with their distinct needs / expectations, handling Customs, conducting copious research and meeting tight deadlines promptly, which all can be somewhat taxing and stressful,” says Ng of her role. Despite all that, it comes with its upside as Ng, who considers herself a people person, takes enjoyment in meeting clients from various industries, dealing with high-level authorities, and the ultimate satisfaction of meeting deadlines and completing assignments.

Her department is unique and interesting as one needs to get to know the clients’ business thoroughly in all aspects before managing their taxes. “This leads you to not only learn about the law as the ground foundation, but also gives you the opportunity to understand the various type of businesses, work as a team, and cooperate with different personalities,” she says.

Ng expresses that work-life balance is given great emphasis at KPMG Malaysia. Working hard and working smart are significant but relaxation is encouraged altogether to avoid burnout. “A flexible working style is practiced with overtime and long strenuous hours a thing of the past,” says the caving and spelunking enthusiast, who when away from work, enjoys the great outdoors with friends.

Initiatives like KPMG one-week-off are implemented once each year, and fun activities such as interdepartmental games are carried out to enable positive team interactions and to encourage employees to engage with one another. Others include movie night for employees, team-building activities such as treasure hunts, obstacle courses and annual festive dinners. Apart from the exciting perks, a mentor-mentee programme is applied for employees where seniors are assigned to train and support them.

With professional openings available throughout the year, KPMG Malaysia welcomes potential candidates for various positions across all departments, providing the required internal and external training that touches on all sectors and fields. Besides on-the-job training, potential candidates are assigned to supportive managers and partners for development training and career progression.

Some advice from Ng when job hunting? Do proper research of the company and the selected department you want to be a part of. “Presentation and impression are important. And always speak confidently.”

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