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How Malaysia’s Favourite Life Care Company is Future-Proofing Themselves!

Posted on 2021-06-24 08:00:00

Your friendly home appliance provider, Coway is preparing its workforce to weather all the storms coming their way. Here’s how.

You’ve seen and heard their commercials on social media, TV, radio and even billboards around town so it’s safe to say that a company like Coway needs no introduction. Odds are you even own a Coway product fulfilling your daily life solutions from the moment you wake up to purified water, purified air or convenient bidet till the moment you fall asleep on a Coway mattress. Coway is around us, providing consumers with the best life solutions to take on daily challenges.

Having touched the lives of 7 million customers worldwide, Coway’s products and services encompass your daily essentials, elevating your everyday lifestyle, promising you the best quality from the moment you wake up.

But behind their innovative range of products, is a management team that cares about their people and with the pandemic running rampant, Coway has ensured their diverse workforce stays connected because if there’s anything the pandemic has taught us in Corporate Malaysia is that a well-connected workforce, is a strong one.

The pandemic instilled the importance of versatility into the skillset of the Coway community and with that in mind, Cowayians were put through a series of development programmes and trainings that aimed to strengthen fundamental skills including communication, leadership and problem-solving skills while also advancing their skillsets to reach new heights.

One of the key skills Coway has emphasised in the training sessions held with their staff is that of familiarising and integrating the different technologies used to ease the daily business operations. Leveraging on its capacity to help complete work effectively and safely while delivering desired results.

It’s no surprise that the pandemic forced Cowayians to practice the new norm of working from home. Despite the sudden change, the organisation weathered the early stages of the storm before comfortably settling into it. Through prudent and effective planning strategies coupled with concise communication between teams, business operations successfully continued while abiding to strict SOPs.

The main challenge they faced? Not being able to conduct face-to-face sales activities as only essential services were permitted to operate during the historic MCO. To stay ahead of competitors, Coway has invested in online trainings for their employees to utilise social media and other online platforms to connect with current and new customers. Coway motivates their employees to connect, support and align with their team to achieve goals.

After cross functional discussions between departments and consultation with the Headquarters in Korea, the leading Life Solution Company created a disinfection service after the movement restriction eased up, which was met with delight among the Malaysian community. This disinfection service aims to help maintain the hygiene in everyday living spaces, keeping their customers safe and healthy throughout this challenging period.

Other COVID-19 CSR initiatives held by Coway entail RM300,000 monetary donations to MOH’s COVID-19 Fund, donated 300 units of air purifiers to government hospitals treating COVID-19 patients across the country, donated 100,000 face masks to PDRM and donated 10,000 #StaySafe kits which consists of face mask and hand sanitiser to GrabFood riders and customers. Coway Malaysia hopes to aid the frontliners and MOH efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia, he was quick to praise the diverse workforce of different backgrounds and levels of working experience.

“Our management team is well aware on the importance of embracing the ability of every unique individual and our leaders are there to make sure everyone is heard,”

“We have established a committee which consists of staff from different departments, who will gather and provide us timely feedback. This platform was established to have all voices heard, to give them necessary support and reach out to those who are in need,” he explained.

Coway aims to create a close-knit group of individuals that exercise understanding and empathy, appreciating the differences of each team member and are bound by the common goal that is the success of the organisation.

Does this sound like a team you’d like to be a part of? Say no more! Come aboard the life-changing journey! Have your resume ready and meet Coway at GRADUAN Aspire this 9-12 July!

By Ahmed Wafi

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