What to look forward to in 2021

By Ahmed Wafi

See ya, 2020 – don’t hit the door on the way out.

2020 was seriously overhyped. Rewind back to the year 2000, children would draw pictures of our Wawasan 2020 with flying cars, futuristic buildings, space travel, and lots of other big ambitions but the reality? Teaching adults how to wash their hands and cough into their sleeves.

Literally no one saw this coming.

But hey! At least it’s almost over and we have a fresh start to look forward to in the new year. Like these:

The Old Normal
Seeing a safe and effective vaccine being rolled out could mark the end Ms. Rona’s rampage that made Earth a little less fun. Maybe life can resume as it once was soon.

The GRADUAN® ASPIRE Physical Fair
We only had one physical fair, GRADUAN NEX, in February 2020 before MCO. Since then, we’ve held numerous virtual career fairs like GRADUAN Live!, ASPIRE Virtual Career Fair, The Australia Virtual Career Fair, and many more. It’s unanimously agreed that no matter how effective virtual events are, nothing can replace the human touch of physical career fairs. Which is why in 2021, we look forward to hosting Malaysia’s largest career fair once again so watch this space.

Sporting Events
Prior to the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics, Japan was one of the best nations prepared to host the games. But when COVID struck, Japan was one of the worst hit nations. The cost of postponement reached a whopping USD2.8 billion!

But hey! It’s now finally happening in the summer of 2021 and we will soon get to see the pinnacle of sports take place on the grandest of stages. Football matches with sporting fans in the audience next?

Fast and Furious 9, The Black Widow, the new Spider Man, The Friends Reunion and so much more is happening in 2021! Maybe it’s time to give your Netflix couch surfing a rest.

A More Chilled Year
One thing that people tend to overlook? How if we don’t manage to get rid of COVID by the time 2021 is alive and running, we won’t be as panicky and kelam kabut as we were when it hit earlier this year. As we’re already used to life with COVID, we’re more than likely to breeze through any more challenges it brings – it can’t possibly get any worse.

Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash

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