Virtual vs. Physical Career Fairs

By Hannah Dania

Shifting from in-person to the digital world, which is more preferred?

More of the business world seems to move online every day. From students attending classes physically in institutions to online classes and employees working in an office to a hybrid work model - the digital world is rapidly growing for our convenience and has become a norm in the current world.

Even career fairs, like the ones we have at GRADUAN®, have seen some virtual changes. The question is, would it be easier to navigate a career fair virtually as opposed to a physical one? While the objective for both are the same - offering students a chance to explore job opportunities and to talk with employers directly - the execution is slightly different. And it seems like the current generation prefers virtual fairs compared to your physical ones. “It’s an easy way for fresh graduates to look for job opportunities and engage with employers from the comfort of their homes. It’s much more convenient and safe, especially during COVID-19,” says Farah.

Here are other reasons why going virtual may seem to be the way to go.

#1 Easy Access
The undeniable advantage of virtual fairs is the ease of access, regardless of location. One can easily “attend” a virtual fair while getting to a physical fair may make it difficult if you live far away or in a different state. It is also easier to navigate through participating companies without the stress and strains of a big physical event, making it better to focus on making the most of your opportunities.

#2 Making Contact
It is easier to talk to the people you are most interested to work with when attending a virtual career fair. This is because the platform is open for all to communicate using online messages making it great for introverts. Physical career fairs put more emphasis on your interpersonal skills, which can be daunting for first-time job seekers. That said, even if you’ve successfully scored an interview during a virtual fair, you’ll most likely need to attend the interview in person so better work on your face-to-face communication skills too!

#3 Efficiency
Recruiters get a better idea of who they will be talking to when attending a virtual career fair as they have access to the attendees’ online profiles. As a result, the process is more time efficient for both parties. Attendees also have a better chance of ensuring they get to speak to the companies they have their eye on as opposed to a physical fair where they might spend too much time waiting in line only to find out the chemistry isn’t there.

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