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Unisave: An Online Shopping Platform for Students

Posted on 2018-01-08 13:31:00

Being a student is difficult! From long hours of classes to limited amount of money per month or even to the fact that there’s no time to work, how do you have it all?

Enter UNISAVE, an online platform company that provides exclusive student discounts that is available 24/7. This is to enable students to purchase items they desire at a lower price without burning a hole in their pocket and worry whether they have enough to eat for the rest of the week!

The idea of UNISAVE may not be exactly new, as student discount sites are available overseas (Australia, UK, USA). However, UNISAVE is the first in Malaysia. The idea to bring it here was due to a need of ways to help student save their bucks in the current economy climate where prices of goods and services are constantly rising but also to enable them to spend on things they really want. With many articles showing the millennial generation financial struggles, UNISAVE aims to shift the lifestyle and give a leg up to the current generation of university students, to not only be able to afford goods and services but also to save, empowering the generation Z to strive.

Understanding that trends are constantly changing and new things are popping in the market on an everyday basis, UNISAVE exists to bridge the gap for students to pay for items such as those. Whether it is fashion (ripped jeans or bomber jackets) to the latest tech (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy), it can be pretty heavy on the bank account to constantly chase for the newest items. This is why we have two of the largest online companies in Malaysia on board with us; ZALORA – for everything fashion and LAZADA – for everything else.

Besides the giants ZALORA and LAZADA, UNISAVE has got MPH bookstore for books used in school or simply books for leisure and HERMO for all beauty essentials on board to cover all grounds and is looking to partner with even more brands in the near future. On top of that, UNISAVE has many things in store to further aid students with the best years of their life.

To maintain the exclusivity of UNISAVE to the student community, users are required to upload their student card at unisave.com.my to prove themselves as a valid student and after that, you’ve just got to login, redeem any codes you need and save!

There’s absolutely nothing a student can lose by signing up with UNISAVE. From exclusive savings to student perks and a constantly growing list of brands, students really got everything to gain!

So, happy saving everybody!

For more info, head over to http://unisave.com.my/

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