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By Hannah Dania

Bank Islam’s convenient, easy and seamless Islamic digital banking app brings a whole new meaning to financial freedom.

Bank Islam’s convenient, easy and seamless Islamic digital banking app brings a whole new meaning to financial freedom.

It is without a doubt that most people and businesses have adapted to the digital world. Every day is another opportunity to tap into the ever-changing digital matrix. Introducing Be U by Bank Islam. It’s a digital bank that resides in an app! It allows users to do their banking transactions seamlessly through the app without the hassle of visiting a branch. Its branchless Islamic banking proposition places Be U as the first Islamic Digital Bank in the country.

Be U, Malaysia’s friendliest digital bank that is always available and easy to use.

Be U is pronounced as 'Be You' and wants to celebrate each individual to know oneself, empower oneself and be in control. It aims to help manage your life better so that you can be the best version of yourself by being Unique, Unstoppable and Upstanding! Be U’s main purpose is to ensure that the youth gets better monetary management which falls in line with the Bank’s values. With financial illiteracy and debts for youth rising exponentially, Be U by Bank Islam believes that it can help guide users to make the right financial decisions for their future through its engaging and user friendly interface which is intended to help users easily understand and manage their finances.

The app is 100% digital, making it easier for users to open an account anytime and anywhere, and gain financial control instantly. Using ANY bank account opened in Malaysia, the user can easily complete the electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process conveniently without stepping into a branch.

Bank Islam’s Be U App promises its users three things: Zero balance maintenance, NEST (a feature that helps users save for specific goals), and an entirely new banking experience. What is unique about it from other apps is that Be U currently combines non-financial services to offer lifestyle elements. Right now, you can automate savings through NEST and find income opportunities through gigs. How’s that for financial freedom?

Who can download the Be U App, you ask? Any Malaysian who is over the age of 18 and has an existing bank account from any bank (as you need to make a minimum initial deposit to verify your identity) can download and use the app. Bear in mind that the Bank Islam App and Be U App are two different applications - meaning your Bank Islam Go credentials cannot be used to log in to Be U and vice versa. Take full advantage of the Be U App as it saves time and organises your savings goals through its no-frills navigation. The new app is part of Bank Islam’s objective to stay ahead of the curve. The Bank has been able to launch critical services on cloud infrastructure - not to forget, the first in Malaysia to do so! The opportunity to serve Malaysians fast with personalised offerings is something Bank Islam does not take for granted.

What are you waiting for? Download the Be U app now!

Watch the launch video here.

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