Our 5 Fave Malaysian Podcasts

By Mel Sim

Yes, produced right here in our tanah air!

It’s been the decade of the podcasts and these cool new-gen radio talk shows have been on everyone’s to-listen list. We all have our favourite ones, mostly those produced in other countries but did you know that right here in Malaysia, there are some really popular ones too? From relationships to entertainment to just good old banter between friends, here are the ones we are constantly tuning into.

#1 Mamak Sessions
Everyone know you talk whatever under the sun when you are out having a mamak session with your friends. And that’s precisely what this podcast is all about – that mamak session live on your phone. Created by Jinny Boy (who’s always been popular with his content), Mamak Session weighs in on some interesting and fun topics Malaysians can related to – health, food, finance – basically anything you would with your friends.

Check it out on Spotify.

#2 The Fashion Weak
With a tongue-in-cheek title, you know you’re getting great content from The Fashion Weak! Created by Arnold Loh and Lucas Lau, The Fashion Weak features banter between the two hosts and notable Malaysian influencers such as Shikin Gomez, Mark O’dea, Ms Puiyi (yups!) and many more chatting about food, popular Malaysian brands, trends – all except fashion!

You can listen to it on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

#3 Malam Seram
We love ourselves some good old ghost stories – and nobody does it better than podcast host KC Champion on his podcast Malam Seram, a Malay-speaking podcast! KC talks about the popular Malaysian urban legends as well as other unworldly encounters to thoroughly entertain and seram us!

For the latest episodes, go to his website at Malam Seram.

#4 Open for Business
Want to learn from the best in business? Check out Open for Business, BFM’s flagship entrepreneurship show featuring personal business stories from start-ups to billionaires in Malaysia and abroad. The podcast has had some notable guests like financial guru and author Robert Kiyosaki, motivational speak Nick Vuijicic and even WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as well as other notable successful individuals from Malaysia itself. Worth the listen for valuable shared experiences on how to be a success story.

Check it out here.

#5 Head Over Heels
A women empowerment podcast, Head over Heels talks about a diverse range of topics relatable to every woman out there. Host Maggy Wang explores what it means to be a modern Asian woman and that means anything from mental health, juggling life as a single mother, women rights and so forth. The aim is to do three simple things: Change, empower and educate. So if you are looking for some inspiration or to understand the fairer sex better, check it out.

Listen to Head over Heels at Apple Podcast or even YouTube for the video version.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

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