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By Mel Sim

TM is committed to providing its people with the right skills and competencies as an Employer of Choice.

  • Global HR Excellence Awards – Best Workplace Practices and HR Tech Award & Conferences – Employer of Choice (World HRD Congress 2020)
  • Best Company to Work For in Asia (HR Asia Award 2019)
  • MEF Employer Excellence Award 2019
  • Top 100 Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2019.
  • Graduates’ Choice Award 2019 – Runner Up GLC Category.
  • GRADUAN Brand Awards 2018/2019 – No. 1 TELCO and GRADUAN HR Icon Award 2019/2020.

The above are just some of the awards that TM has achieved in recent years in its efforts to become a top employer. TM prides itself as a nurturing workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and collaborative while focusing on building an agile and lean organisation which includes the digitisation of employee processes for increased efficiency and mobility. Its culture is shaped by its 22,000 employees, and the practice starts with leadership and vision, followed by well-defined goals and elements that not only energise the employees but empower them to accelerate the future.

As the company plays a key role in nation-building by providing advanced infrastructure that will drive economic growth as well as enabling a Digital Malaysia for the betterment of the nation, it is on the lookout for the right talent at the right place to deliver these business goals. Sounds like your career aspirations as well? Find out more about what TM can offer you.

#1 Values that are similar to yours if you are focused on making a difference
It is important that TM employees perform their work with honesty, integrity, and fairness. All these are supported by the internalisation of the company’s KRISTAL Core Values, namely Total Commitment to Customers, Uncompromising Integrity, and Respect & Care. In addition, TM empowers its employees to innovate and deliver revolutionary products and services through a high-performance work culture, is guided by its #PEOPLE2020 Strategy and are based on three key aspects: Workforce Agility, Rethink Our People Investment, and Reengaging Organisational Values.

#2 Opportunities for everyone
Rigorous talent management initiatives are established across the organisation. Fundamentally, this starts with nurturing its scholarship students through its scholarship foundation, Yayasan TM. TM also supports the Government’s initiative in developing youths and graduates through the Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ) Program, as well as its own Graduate Management Program and offering internship opportunities. TM has also formulated a structured talent framework that emphasizes talent development, future skilling, and digitisation.

#3 Work-life balance
TM offers various flexible options through its Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) initiatives, including flexible working hours and days, annual leave purchase, and self-declared recovery leave. As part of its internal digitisation efforts, TM has also introduced a number of mobile apps and other digital platforms that enhance the work experience of its employees, while creating a more mobile and digital-savvy workforce.

#4 A people-first culture
Amidst the uncertainties of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TM remains committed to its employees, ensuring that they are safe and healthy. Among some of the proactive measured it has taken include:

  • Setting up a TM Covid-19 Crisis Response Team and activated its Crisis Communications Management Team to actively monitor and support TM's operations and help ensure business continuity and timely support to meet customers' needs.
  • Implemented Special Working Arrangements and Return to Work Guidelines for the TM workforce nationwide.
  • Special allowance for all TM customer service front-liners who have to work during the MCO period.
  • Frequent alerts and awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic to all TM employees and building tenants.
  • Enhanced the already rigorous cleaning protocols by conducting routine and thorough sanitisation of TM office buildings and premises.

#5 Initiatives for employee well-being
TM implemented various digital platforms to enable working virtually and as a result, its employees were able to embrace working remotely positively. TM also launched a Wellbeing 360 Program that covers eight dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Environmental, Social, Intellectual, and Occupational to maintain the overall wellbeing of employees. Wellbeing 360 activities from physical programmes and events to virtual such as Townhall and webinars provided employees with strong engagement and motivation.

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