This Young Software Developer Shares His Secrets to Excel!

To excel as a software developer, our talent discovers that it pays to be flexible yet committed.

Describe your role at the company.
As a software developer, my typical day is spent designing software and programming. A lot of time is surprisingly spent discussing concepts and architecture design – the programming bit is he straightforward part. We work cohesively as a team in an agile environment so the work is well paced and challenging at the same time. Experian is committed to uphold software engineering best practices and this results in regular training and peer code review, both of which help in my development.

“Experian is committed to uphold software engineering best practices.

What was your job interview process like?
I applied for my role through the online portal and was invited for an online technical assessment. Once that was completed, I was invited for an interview with a few managers and the head of department. They kept me in the loop throughout the process and it was generally a pleasant experience. What stood out to me was the work culture that permeates through the friendly and warm conversations I had with them.

Why did you choose Experian?
I chose Experian because of their work culture and commitment to quality. The company provides a very positive and conducive working environment that cultivates a sense of belonging and a drive to pursue excellence in our roles.

Tell us something interesting about Experian?
Their FlexWork programme. There are opportunities to telecommute, which provides tremendous benefits for work-life balance. I believe this flexibility has greatly enhanced morale and motivation in my vocation.

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