Take the fast track with Nestlé!

By Ahmed Wafi

Nestlé’s Management Trainee Programme could be the big break you've been looking for to climb up the corporate ladder.

Nestlé’s critically acclaimed Management Trainee Programme (MTP) is once again opening doors to Malaysian talent far and wide. The two-year rotational programme will see talent discover the ins and outs of what it takes to run Malaysia’s most preferred FMCG employer.

With an abundance of young talent development programmes across Malaysia, you might be hard pressed to pick one over the other so what makes Nestlé’s MTP stand out from the rest of the competition?

Learning experience.

At Nestlé, MTs begin their journey on the fast track, entrusted with responsibilities a seasoned employee would undertake. With the guidance of a coach, MTs are entrusted with projects that make an impact on not just the organisation but also the community they live in. Just ask Nestlé’s MT currently completing her rotations, Hazeera as she tells us about her journey so far in this interview!

We also spoke to MTP Alumni Mohamad Hafiz, graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney, on his time at the company and how it has affected his life.

What were your expectations before joining Nestlé?
As a fresh graduate, I was expecting to work in a company that could help me gain not only technical competencies but also soft skills as I transition from student life to work life. So when I joined this programme, I was amazed from the first day how structured it was in helping me with the transition.

Working in a factory environment allowed me to stretch my capabilities and go beyond my comfort zone. This could not be possible without the proper guidance and trust from my coaches throughout the journey where I see my skillset develop holistically.

What kind of development have you seen in yourself over the course of the programme?
Apart from the technical skills I developed throughout the different rotations, a skill I feel I developed that is most remarkable is the ability and patience in facing the demands and challenges of everyday life. Taking on the challenges with the right attitude is vital for success in any professional field of work.

What do you think it takes to be an MT at Nestlé? The eagerness to learn. As an MT, it’s important to want to absorb as much knowledge as possible by grabbing all opportunities thrown at you.

Next is resilience. MTs need to be resilient in facing the challenges that come their way because they’ll find a steep learning curve throughout the journey. Lastly, being agile. MTs will need to adapt to the different environments and demands of the different rotations of the MTP.

Tips for your fellow juniors? When applying, do more research on the programme as well as company values. Getting into a company that can offer something aligned with your career vision will help you achieve your desired career goals.

Spend more time identifying the values, skills and strengths within yourself, and make it a point to develop them with the company for success in your career.

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