Opportunity for Success

By Mel Sim

At UOB, being flexible and open to changes will set you on the right path to the top. Maisarah Othman, Manager, Campus Recruitment & Employer Branding, shares how this can be cultivated.

You’ve heard it many times – talent who are driven, persistent and enthusiastic to learn will go far in their careers. This is also true at UOB but Maisarah Othman, Manager, Campus Recruitment & Employer Branding shares that she’s also on the lookout for a few other criteria when hiring: “At a time where things change in the blink of an eye, it’s vital that our talent are eager to embrace the changes and spearhead the transformation of the bank.”

This is aligned with UOB’s culture of providing its talent with a safe space to experiment and innovate. Maisarah herself was given ample opportunities to shine right from the beginning of her career at UOB when she joined as a fresh graduate. “Even as a junior employee, my team members entrusted me with tasks and exciting projects that I initially thought were way beyond my capabilities. It’s something I really appreciate about the team and the bank, and my journey has been deeply gratifying,” says Maisarah.

Learning is key to success in any role, any industry. UOB understands this and ensures that its talent have access to continuous learning. “Through our technical and functioning training programmes to improve on effectiveness on the job, one can deepen his or her capabilities as banking professionals. We also offer various leadership and soft-skill training programmes to develop individual contributors and people managers as they take on more responsibilities,” says Maisarah.

UOB also launched future-skilling programmes in respond to digital transformation such as its Better U programme that focuses on developing core competencies like growth mindset, problem solving, data analytics, and project management. This is on top of the many initiatives introduced as a result of the pandemic to assist employees on how to best navigate the new normal at work, whether on a personal front or together as an establishment. “We launched a variety of initiatives that focuses on employees’ wellness including wellness talks, 24/7 counselling care-line, and weekly bank-wide virtual workout sessions. To support better work-life integration, we also provide time off and flexible work arrangements.”

Planning to start your career at UOB? Maisarah’s advice for you is this: “There’s no typical career path for fresh graduates in UOB. Every fresh graduate has the opportunity to carve out a career path based on his or her own strengths and interest, leveraging on the platforms provided to staff.”

But if you still prefer a structure, perhaps the bank’s award-winning graduate trainee programme the Management Associate Programme (MAP) will be ideal. The programme is designed to give you a holistic exposure to the financial industry and the relevant business knowledge to excel in your area of strength.

Newcomers will also be excited to know that UOB will soon have a new headquarters to excel at. “The state-of-the-art building is designed to be a high performance agile workplace, fostering innovation and deeper collaboration through a more connected, agile and technology-enabled work environment. The new building will feature our very own clinic, gym, childcare centre, game room, art gallery and many more!”

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