Online School Dragging You Down?

By Ahmed Wafi

Here’s how you can find the motivation to get used to the new normal of education.

Who would’ve thought that in 2020, everyone would be home schooling with online classes! Even graduation ceremonies have been postponed or replaced with online graduations. Good thing I graduated earlier.

Jokes aside, online classes and schooling can be hard to deal with, especially when your distractions are literally one tab away. Having to master subjects and sit for quizzes and exams from home poses a unique challenge for each individual. You may experience things like increased fatigue, headaches, procrastination unlike before, and of course, a lack of motivation.

Additionally, the absence of the social aspect of schooling and increased screen time can really take a toll on your mental health.

If this sounds like you, have no fear – we have the tips to help you stay motivated before turning on your webcam to attend class.

See the bigger picture
A class is just a class and a study session is just a study session. No wonder there’s no real motivation if that’s how you’re seeing it. Why not change your perspectives? Think about why you’re here in the first place. Visualise your success – collecting your scroll, looking sharp on stage, making your loved ones proud. Keep that in mind whenever you’re feeling blah to get motivated to achieve them. You got this!

Reward yourself
Like you would after a week of dieting! Treat yourself to a snack, nap or maybe even some game time after every class or study session to keep you feeling good after going through a task. But don’t reward yourself after every 20 minutes of studying or be like this guy below!

Get started
If you’re waiting for 2pm to start studying but postpone it to 3pm just because it’s 2:05pm, then you’re never going to get started. The only way to finish the task you’ve set out to do is to start. Once the ball is rolling, everything else will follow through. The logic is simple: If you never start, you’ll never finish!

Find a Zoom study buddy
Something that helped me get through my study life were good friends who made studying seem like a game (I love games!). Find your tribe to help lighten the mood and make learning fun. Study buddies can also help you understand topics you might otherwise be struggling with on your own. Set up that Zoom link, send it to a bunch of your friends, and let’s beat online school together!

Photo by Mohammad Shahhosseini on Unsplash

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