5 Reasons Why EPF is Your Employer of Choice!

By Mel Sim

All the reasons why you should consider starting your career with the Employees Provident Fund.

A Purpose-Driven Culture
At the EPF, employees are driven by the fund's vision, which is to help members achieve a better future. Although the vision outlines our huge responsibility for our members, it also gives us a powerful sense of purpose in everything we do, which is to benefit our over 14 million members.

Towards A Digital EPF
The EPF aspires to be a trusted social security organisation that remains relevant in this digital age. In our digital transformation journey, we realise that the abundant opportunities available call for those with the best skill-sets, mindset and attributes to put us closer to our goal.

Make Your Big LEAP
EPF’s Management Trainee Programme – Leading EPF Apprentice Programme – is designed to develop trainees with essential leadership skills and foundations of business acumen. The two-year programme consists of rotations across the organisation, mentoring pair-ups with the EPF leadership team, project assignments in strategic initiatives and immersive learning opportunities. These will undoubtedly arm you with the solid fundamentals to unleash your potential.

You Do You and Shine!
Bringing in talent with diverse backgrounds and perspectives leads to greater innovation and more inclusive decision-making at work. This is where you come in and embrace the core values of EPF which are Integrity, Customer Focused, Continuous Learning and Teamwork, in everything you do. At the EPF, the sky is the limit for your growth.

Learn, Unlearn & Relearn
The EPF puts strong emphasis in encouraging its people to embrace continuous learning, creating a culture around this practice. You will be exposed to various developmental opportunities and up-skilling platforms to grow professionally and personally. After all, at the EPF, the choice to grow and remain relevant is a conscious choice!

BONUS! How can YOU score a job at the EPF?

  • Do your homework. Understand the essence of EPF and its role in society
  • Be self-aware. Know your interests, strengths, weaknesses and your aspirations
  • Clean up your online presence and update your online job profile
  • Explore career opportunities that suit your interests, strengths and goals
  • When the opportunity comes, stand out and put yourself in the spotlight!

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