Nurturing the Next-Generation Banker

By Mel Sim

Through its renowned The Complete Banker™ management trainee programme, CIMB aims to nurture future leaders for the industry, equipping them with fundamental skills and knowledge as well as the qualities required in bankers for an industry that is evolving

If you have been doing your research on management trainee programmes in the banking industry, you’ll most likely have come across – and be intrigued too – by CIMB’s The Complete Banker™ programme. Highly regarded in the industry, this management trainee programme is exactly what it is named after: To develop a complete banker. In other words, someone who knows the ins and outs of the banking world both in theory as well as practical. Following the success of the pioneer programme, there are now two new instalments – The Complete Banker™ Digital and The Complete Banker™ Fusion. Which one suits you best? Let current trainees tell you all.

But first, here’s a summary for each programme:

The Complete Banker™ A two-year structured development programme that provides a holistic overview of the various disciplines in banking to help you chart your career path.

The Complete Banker™ Digital A one-year programme to groom, nurture and equip tech fresh graduates to take CIMB forward in the tech-scape of banking.

The Complete Banker™ Fusion A programme that will give you the opportunity to experience two different industries. CIMB collaborates with another renowned company (such as PwC, Accenture, DXC Technology, ZICOlaw and Teach for Malaysia) to provide hands-on experience and classroom training in both companies.


Adriana binti Mohammed Rafidz, The Complete Banker™ Associate
“I was attracted to the opportunities. I would be able to rotate in different divisions to gain a holistic view of the industry and hopefully find the area in banking I wish to pursue as my career. I also appreciated that the programme offered its trainees unique opportunities beyond just rotating within departments of the bank, such as a regional job attachment at CIMB global offices and external job attachments with partners such as Magic.”

Raymond Chong, The Complete Banker™ Fusion Associate
“As an Accounting and Finance graduate, I wanted to discover myself in both the accounting and finance career paths. The CIMB-PwC Fusion Programme fits perfectly into my career aspiration as it gives me the best of both worlds, giving me the opportunity to gain and develop a variety of skills and to better understand myself."

Eleigenthran Ramasamy, The Complete Banker Digital Associate
“I want to build a successful career. Moreover, it is a great platform for me to gain new skills. It provides an opportunity for me to learn and improve not just my technical skills but more importantly my soft skills. The rotation is another important part of my journey, as it allows me to learn to be agile to meet changing work environment and business needs.”

Not your typical day at the office!
Adriana: “The highlight so far in my journey? Being given the opportunity to rotate in my placement department of choice: Corporate Banking Malaysia. I hope to grow my career in banking, as credit and lending is the “bread & butter” of any bank. Plus, becoming good friends with the other MTs!”

Raymond: “I was able to work in the treasury department where I was given the chance to observe and learn how the department controls and manages the bank’s liquidity and ensure that all business departments are able to operate effectively with sufficient cash fund.”

Eleigenthran: “Working during MCO. Honestly, it was quite challenging to adapt to the new norm. But I learnt the importance of having self-discipline to ensure that I did not miss any important deadlines and with minimal supervision.”

Adriana: “To be a TCBian, the general traits you should already possess is that you are hardworking, self-driven/highly motivated, versatile, a team player, inquisitive and a good communicator, to a name a few. Another quality I think that is very important is open-mindedness. Throughout this programme, you will always be reminded to keep an open mind to embrace different experiences and to fully appreciate the structure and objective of the programme.”

Raymond: “As the programme revolves around job rotations and technical trainings, I believe that one needs to be versatile and be willing to learn in order to be able to quickly adapt and add value to the team. Always have a curious mind and ask critical questions.”

Eleigenthran: “Learn to be the best in your area and with the right qualifications.”

Want to apply? Check out these tips
Adriana: “Always be your authentic self: During the recruitment process (especially the interviews) and during your time at CIMB. Your personality, character, ideas and opinions are what sets you apart from everyone else.”

Raymond: “Whilst technical skills and experience are important, we should place equal emphasis on soft skills as it is key that we are able to listen and communicate effectively, and collaborate respectfully with our team at workplace.”

Eleigenthran: “Always believe in yourself, boost your self-confidence and have faith in your capabilities.”

To find out more about The Complete Banker™ programmes, visit CIMB’s Virtual Booth at GRADUAN ASPIRE this 24-27 October!

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