Mastering Leadership Skills

By Ahmed Wafi

Top leaders from various industries share their tips and experience during SP Setia’s launch of their leadership network.

SP Setia’s newly launched Setia Leadership Re-imagined (SLR) Network will help graduates of the Setia Leadership Series Program develop the important skills to be more efficient leaders at Malaysia’s most renowned property developer!

The international property developer launched this network on 25 September at the Network Hub of the Setia Corporate HQ in Setia Alam, graced by many top names – Dato’ Khor Chap Jen, CEO of S P Setia; Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, COO of SP Setia; Azran Rani Osman, Founder & CEO of Naluri; and Ian Yee, Editor of R.AGE. Setia staff did not miss the opportunity to be a part of this launch where they received valuable advice and listened to personal stories from the VIPs.

Like this from SP Setia’s CEO Dato’ Khor. The Universiti of Malaya graduate recalled Setia’s humble beginnings and the challenges they faced starting up. “When we first started this organisation, people were quick to write us off but we rose from the ashes and stamped our mark,” he exclaimed, highlighting Setia’s 12th no. 1 win in The Edge’s Top Property Developers Award 2019.

His tips to develop your leadership skills?

  • Whatever you learn, you have to apply.
  • No one is an expert in everything so it’s important to respect everyone’s intelligence and learn from each other.
  • Share your knowledge with your team and don’t fear the day your subordinate takes your place.
  • What you learn today might not be applicable tomorrow so keep learning something new every day.

Then, the other VIPs shared their experience and advice during a 30-minute panel session that was moderated by Nadiah Tan, SP Setia Chief Human Resources Officer. Datuk Wong emphasised on the importance of empathy while Azran Rani discussed what it means to L.E.A.D which is to Listen & Learn, to be Empathetic, to Amplify and boost those around us in times of crisis, and when the time comes to Decide.

“As leaders, we live and die on our ability to decide,” shared the entrepreneur. Ian, who started The Star Newspaper’s popular youth platform R.AGE, spoke about changing leadership closely associated with journalism where his team looks to escape the stress and authoritative culture of the traditional newsroom, which is very much in line with the idea of Re-imagining Leadership.

The SLR Network aims to create a platform for People Managers to apply the skills they have gained throughout their careers while creating a strong internal support system for the community.

In order to be part of this exclusive network, a People Manager will need to graduate from Setia’s Leadership Series, complete their Individual Development Plan, register with Naluri’s Digital Coaching Program, identify two successors and create a LinkedIn account associating it to SP Setia.

As of October, 203 individuals fit this target group with the number to increase drastically as the year closes and more graduates emerge from the Leadership Series.

Setia envisions their leaders to reflect on he three pillars of leadership that is to communicate impactfully, to coach to inspire and to collaborate to build a winning team.

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