Manifest YOUR GOALS for 2023! 🎉

By Mel Sim

Make that big dream come true, finally!

We are almost done with 2022 and will be saying hello to 2023 soon. What? Precisely. If you feel like you’ve not achieved anything for 2022, there’s always 2023 to make it the year of doing and happening. And one way to do this is through the power of manifesting.

What exactly does manifesting mean? It’s not a new term and was introduced to many of us by the 2006 international bestseller by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret which still works even till today! According to the book, manifestation is the art of intentionally attracting something you desire in your life. It is the “most powerful law in the Universe, the Law of Attraction,” according to the book.

In other words, it means attracting the thing you want in your life and making it happen! Sounds simple enough but it requires some work and confidence that whatever you want to happen, will happen – only if you want it badly enough. There’s really no limit as to what you want to manifest…the only limit being yourself.

So how do you start manifesting your goals for 2023? Try The Secret’s simple three-step process.

#1 Ask
You need to know what it is that you want to manifest. A new job? More money to go on that dream holiday? Or maybe just a less stressful year, especially with all that has been happening? This step involves making a decision on what you want. And to do this, you need to cast aside doubts and beliefs that you are not worthy of receiving what it is that you want. Instead, you need to believe that you are worthy of whatever dreams it is that you want to make happen, and only then can your manifestation come true. Make the decision on what it is you want to manifest and on to step two we go!

#2 Believe
For your goals to come true, first you must truly believe that it is possible for you to receive it. Think you’re not capable enough for a promotion? You’ll probably go through 2023 with plenty of self-doubt, which will eventually cost you a promotion because you lack leadership ability and confidence. But if you believe that you are worthy of a promotion, you will start to exhibit a more confident personality and work towards making your goals come true.

How do you start to believe though, especially if things have been rough on you? The Secret believes in this powerful practice called affirmations. You know them, those positive, personal mission statements or quotes you see on the Net, sounding very much like mumbo jumbo. Except they are not! Affirmations, when repeated over and over, can help you believe in the act that you can! When you keep telling yourself that you want something, you will want it bad enough to start channeling the energy to make it happen.

Another way to believe is through the practice of visualisation. When you picture yourself as a new team lead, your mind starts to form this new belief that you can make it happen. Remember the laws of attraction? Well, by doing all of this, you are essentially attracting your goals!

#3 Receive
The final step of manifesting your goal – to feel good and deserving of whatever it is that you are receiving. Say you want to make more money. So you work harder at work or maybe start a side hustle. When you receive some of what you want, feel the joy in it and feel good about it. Because when you do, you start to believe that you deserve even more and will work towards that.

It's all a positive cycle – ask or set your sights on a goal, believe that you can make it happen, work towards affirming it, and when everything falls into place, receive it all with even more positivity so that you can go even further in your manifestation!

It’s not magic. To manifest your goals, you need to work at it. But if you combine that with confidence and positivity, your energy will radiate in this manifestation process and you will naturally attract only good things to yourself.

So really, the key to manifesting your goals for 2023? Believe in yourself! Replace all negative thoughts with only good ones, visualise your goals coming true, and work towards making it happen without self-doubt casting a gray cloud over your year.

Good luck!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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