Make 2020 Your Year of Change!

By Ahmed Wafi

Start with these seven easy to-dos to be healthier, more organised, more productive and more successful.

#1 Clean out your closet
And donate whatever clothes you don’t fit into anymore to charity. Or you could sell your more expensive stuff online as a pre-loved item on sites like Carousell. Nothing beats getting rid of things and cashing in at the same time.

#2 Clean out your computer
How long has it been since you wiped your screen or keyboard? Can’t remember? Imagine all the germs lurking on there! Every few days, make it a point to wipe the screen on your computer and the rest of your laptop to stop spreading germs. While you’re at it, clear out your inbox and file the documents on your computer accordingly so you can get organised at the same time.

#3 Update your resume
A year’s gone by and a lot has happened. Maybe even enough to fill out another page on your resume? Take a look at your resume and give it a makeover. It’s a great way to start the new year by listing down your past achievements and who knows, 2020 could be the year of your dream job come true.

#4 See a dentist
We often take oral hygiene for granted. But did you know that bad oral hygiene can impact your overall health, not just your teeth and gums? In fact, it can lead to major issues like cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections and the list goes on. So get your teeth checked up and go for a scaling session to get your pearly whites clean. In fact, do this every six months.

#5 Wake up 15 minutes earlier
Repeat after us: No more snoozing or just five more minutes. Hitting that snooze button can actually make you more tired than you should be in the morning (hello, interrupted sleep?). Instead, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than your desired wake time. You can actually accomplish a lot in that extra 15 minutes, like a quick workout session to get ready for the day or replying emails. More importantly, you won’t be late for work again!

#6 Dive into what you love
Apart from your real job, there’s always something you love doing, like a sport or a hobby. This new decade, don’t let life get in the way. Rediscover your favourite activity and started treating yourself by doing it regularly. It’s a great stress reliever, and who knows where it might lead you.

#7 Explore new opportunities
Stuck at a job you don’t like? How about doing something about it in 2020? If you feel that your career is not going anywhere and that you’re stuck in a loop, explore new job opportunities and make that change. Point #3 will come in handy for this one.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

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