Inspiration All Around You 🎈

By Hannah Dania

Whether it’s for the sake of art, pursuing a goal or even getting through the day with a slight sense of self-satisfaction, we all count on inspiration to pull through.

You know that feeling of enthusiasm when you’re doing something or after seeing someone? It lingers in your mind and motivates you to want to create new ideas? That, my friend, is inspiration. Derived from the Latin word “inspirare”, meaning to “breathe into,” inspiration is the feeling of being mentally stimulated to manifest what we want to create. It comes and goes, sometimes it stays for a short period of time… and even forever.

What’s powerful about inspiration is the impact on our lives. It can be the source of our creativity and motivation, and it helps bring out the best in us. It plays a significant role when we want to achieve our goals and make positive changes in our lives.

I seek inspiration every single day - it gives me a sense of direction and in a way, it feels like a little adventure. Sure, there are days where we don’t feel too great and just want to lay in bed. But imagine pulling the drapes and witnessing a beautiful sunrise. For an artist, that’s something to paint on an empty canvas. For an author, that’s a sentence in the beginning of a new book. For anyone at all, that’s a reason to start a new day however you want it.

It may be easier said than done to seek inspiration but really, it can be in the small things we often take for granted that can be the start of something great. Here are some easy ways to be inspired about inspiration:

#1 Go back to nature
Take a trip to a nearby waterfall and soak under the sun. Let your mind wander while you listen to the sounds of nature.

#2 Watch a great film
If you haven’t watched Forrest Gump or Hidden Figures, I suggest you add that to your list right now. These shows have a great way to tug at your heart strings and make you want to do things!

#3 Ask someone the lessons they’ve learned so far
Your friends could lowkey be your source of inspiration, you just have to sit and listen.

#4 Travel
Being in transit gives you some headspace to ponder about life, and sometimes generate new ideas.

#5 Create a vision board
Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! The things you pin are somewhat a manifestation of what you want to achieve.

Good luck on being inspired!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash.

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