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Hottest Industries in 2018!

Posted on 2018-06-28 09:58:00

These are the top industries for the year and have the best job opportunities.

Whether you are looking to switch careers or figuring out where the next best job is, it is a good idea to know what industries are the hottest and growing because that’s where all the opportunities are.

This year, industries that are high on the list are those with an element of digital technology – after all, digital technology is changing the way we live and do things so industries are making the necessary changes to the way they run in order to meet our demands.

Here are the top seven industries in alphabetical order:

1. Banking and Finance The banking and finance industry has always been top of the list and new graduates are constantly looking towards it as their future careers. This year is no different; in fact, it is even more popular as digital technology plays a huge role now in the industry so there are more demands for talent not only with a banking and finance background but those with IT knowledge too. Plus, the call for more governance and supervision brings about a growing demand in compliance and audit roles in this industry. Some organisations that should not be missed would be Alliance Bank, Maybank, CIMB, RHB, MBSB and Bank Rakyat.

2. Digital Technology Let’s face it – almost everything runs on IT these days with mobile internet and cloud technology on the boom. Those with a digital tech background will find themselves high in demand for the years to come, whether it is for data analysis, cybersecurity, coding and more. Plus, it runs across almost all sectors so you can find yourself getting a job in a specific IT role in a non-IT sector. MDEC will be hosting a pavilion filled with Digital Tech companies during the fair!

3. Manufacturing Malaysia’s manufacturing sector is experiencing some serious growth this year with prospects looking super positive. Last year, the sector contributed 23% to GDP while production grew by 6.1% and sales value by 13.7%. All these numbers translate to one thing – more jobs! Do check out Hartalega, Samsung, Western Digital among others.

4. Media As with many other industries, the media sector is experiencing some changes to its as well, thanks to digital technology. Media outlets are incorporating IT into the way they deliver news and information to the general public. With this, talent who know their way around the new digital era of media will be highly sought after. Astro and Media Prima will be at GRADUAN Aspire to share some insights on their industry.

5. Professional Services As businesses grow, professional services like audit, tax and consultancy will be high in demand. Essentially, professional services help companies manage and improve their businesses, and many big corporations outsource this to specialist firms to provide them the financial and business advice they need. PwC, EY, KPMG, Deloitte, BDO, Accenture and Cognizant will be there at the fair representing their industry.

6. Property The property industry in Malaysia is an interesting one – it’s ultra challenging as each player in the industry is focusing on differentiating themselves from their competitors as well as providing unique products that will stand out in an already saturated market. What this means is that property companies are on the lookout for those with special skills and talent to help them capture their intended audience to help drive sales. Plus, with its being is super competitive industry, those who can prove themselves will be sought after. The booming property industry is being represented by Gamuda, IJM, Mah Sing, and UEM to mention a few.

7. Shared Services Shared services remain one of Malaysia’s top industries, particularly within accounting and finance, with more than 350 foreign and multinational companies setting up shop here in Malaysia. And now with IT in demand, roles in IT are high on the list for shared services. Plus, many large organisations are moving their hubs to Malaysia, thanks to our wide pool of skilled workers. What this translates into is plenty of opportunities, especially for those in IT service skills. Shell, Roche, Experian are some organisations that you should check out!

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