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Inclusive & Innovative Workplace Culture in AXA Affin General Insurance (AXA)

Posted on 2020-10-12 09:00:00

Get to know the working culture in one of the world's largest insurance providers and how you can be part of it

The insurance industry is entering a new golden age, experiencing the most rapid pace of innovation ever with the rise of insuretech. To stay ahead of the game while continuing to enrich the value we deliver to our customers, it is critical to accelerate and future proof our workforce.

Recognising that our commitment to customers are engendered through the actions of our People, we strongly believe that it is important to create a quality workplace culture for our People while empowering them to their full potential. To achieve this, we are committed to:

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
At AXA, we take pride in our diverse and inclusive workplace – achieved through recruitment, development and retaining of a diverse workforce that emphasises on gender diversity, multi-generation mix and ability. Strategic approach has been introduced to create a workplace where employees are treated with dignity and respect, and where they can continually develop their personal and professional growth.

We are connected by our four core values: Customer First, Courage, One AXA and Integrity, which acts as a compass to guide employees’ values at work.

Introducing progressive and innovative HR practices
On the efficiency front, we have moved beyond traditional approaches by investing in Robotics Process Automation to drive innovation and simplification efforts in recruitment, engagement, rewards and recognition as well as performance management.

We are the first in the industry to introduce Alex, a robot designed to streamline HR recruitment, compensation and benefits processes via a robotic process automation system. The deployment of Alex has successfully reduced recruitment turnaround time by 67.6 percent, replacing labour intensive administrative tasks with value-added activities focusing on achieving our Payer-to-Partner strategy.

Driving continuous self-learning through technology
The AXA culture is also all about learning, which helps us to progressively transform into a self-learning organisation. We have invested handsomely in Learning and Development programmes and online courses to encourage our People to empower their own learning development on digital platforms. We believe in helping our People stay ahead of the curve by boosting their competencies and employability, while supporting our business to continue to spearhead the industry. We value people with strong self-initiative and the drive to learn continuously at AXA. To us, this is more than an enabler to drive the future and bring values to the company.

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By Mel Sim

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