Borders are Open!

By Mel Sim

For most places anyway, and this means travel time!

Numbers are slowly but surely decreasing day by day, Ramadan bazaars are up and operating, friends and families are meeting up. This is the endemic stage of COVID-19, where things are slowly going back to BC (Before COVID!) 2020. While it may seem like the rules are loosening up, it’s also good to know that endemic stage doesn’t mean that the virus is gone for good; it means that the virus isn’t going anywhere soon so we need to start learning how to live with it so life can resume without disruption. So guys, continue following SOPs and mask up ok!

Another great news for the endemic stage? Borders are reopening as of 1st April! We will be seeing more travellers entering the country. The land border between Singapore and JB has also opened, and families who were separated are finally reunited! Check out the jubilant affair in this video!

With our borders opening, it also means that Malaysians can start traveling again. In actual fact, international travel has been allowed for fully vaccinated Malaysians since 1 October 2021 but it came with a set of rules that included mandatory quarantine depending on the country. But with the endemic stage, these rules have mostly been lifted and you are eager to dust off the passport and if you haven’t, renew it now. Just remember this though: Not all countries are open for leisure travel yet and even if they do, some destinations have their own set of rules pertaining to quarantine and tests so best to read up online before you book your flight out.

We’ve made life a little easier for you with our list of places you can go and their current rules for travelers. Take note that these rules are correct at time of print but might change so best to check online for the latest updates!

United Kingdom
Hello, London here we come! Perhaps one of the first to ease up their rules on international travel, you can easily visit all your favourite places in the UK again. Traveling here is like the good old days – you don’t need to take any tests before you travel or after you arrive nor do you need to quarantine, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not. Woot! You are still advised to mask up though because the number of cases in the UK are still on the high side. For the latest updates, visit this website.

Sawadeeeeeee Thailand! Our favourite place to visit in SEA thanks to its food, culture and beach! The latest travel update here is that you will need to register for a Thailand Pass and the Test and Go Program where fully vaccinated tourists who travel by air can enter Thailand without undergoing quarantine. You just need to test negative upon arrival and on your fifth day there, do a self-test and report your test. Easy peasy for tom yum! For the latest updates, visit this website.

Missed Melbourne and Sydney? It’s waiting for you! To travel to Australia, you will need a valid Australian visa (which is the norm), complete the Digital Passenger Declaration within 72 hours before your flight, provide proof of your vaccination status that meets Australian’s requirements, and take a pre-departure COVID-19 test. That’s about it! For the latest updates, visit this website.

All things tall, big and shiny waiting for you. If you’ve always wanted to visit Dubai, here’s your chance. Vaccinated travelers are free to enter without having to present any negative test before you depart (you will need a vaccination certification with a QR code!) but if you are unvaccinated, you will need to have a PCR test done within 48 hours before arrival or a recovery certificate from COVID-19 issued within 30 days before departure if you’ve had COVID before. For the latest updates, visit this website.

It’s as good as go if you travel to Singapore! No more testings for fully vaccinated travelers or quarantine if you travel by land. But if you travel by air, you will be required to take a pre-departure RTK-Antigen test two days prior to departure. That’s it!

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Photo by yousef alfuhigi on Unsplash

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