By Siew Ching

If you believe it, then it will happen.

How many times have you heard these phrases: You can do anything you set your mind to. Believe it and you can. You are your thoughts.

These, my friends, are what manifesting is all about. You’ve definitely been hearing this word a lot – where something good happened to someone and that person said, “I manifested it and it happened!”

What in the world is manifesting, you ask? Well simply put, it is visualising and focusing on what you want to achieve, and when you manifest, you think about it often and with so much focus that ta-da, it comes true!

Sounds a bit fluff, you say? We don’t blame you for thinking so – but hear this out first: The idea of manifesting has been around for a long time. Heard of the Law of Attraction? A term made popular by Rhonda Byren’s bestselling book “The Secret”, the Law of Attraction states that if you ask the universe for something and genuinely believe you have it already, the universe eventually fulfils your request. A lot of people I’ve spoken to truly believed in this – and they even have success stories to share. Like a friend who really wanted to win this grand prize of a very expensive watch. She kept visualising herself winning the watch, wearing it every day, and feeling extremely proud and grateful for the gift. Guess what – she won it!

If only it was that easy eh? Well, when you manifest, you don’t just think about what you want. When you manifest, you direct your actions towards achieving that goal. Again, take my friend for example. She really wanted the watch so she made sure to put in her best effort to win it (some pretty good slogan writing helped!). The thing with manifesting is that it puts you in that frame of mind where you focus your energy and efforts towards these wants. All self-doubts and fears that hold you back go swoosh out of the window because nothing is going to keep you from trying when you manifest.

It's about having a positive attitude, that’s what it is. And we all know what happens when you are positive about wanting to achieve something – you are more confident, determined, and go all out to make it happen. For instance, if you are genuinely interested in wanting a promotion, you will work out how to make it happen. You will talk to your boss to find out what you can do better, you put in 101% effort at work. And with all that, your chances of being promoted are significantly higher. Now, that’s the art of manifesting – visualising it, wanting it, and making it happen!

Remember this simple rule to manifesting – your energy attracts the outcome. When your energy is at a low level (no thanks to self-doubt and not knowing exactly what you want), you attract negative outcomes. But when your energy is at a high level (hello, determination!), you attract positive outcomes.

Ready to start manifesting? Here are some simple things you can manifest and watch them happen.

#1 A new job: Use manifestation to open yourself up to new opportunities. Thinking about taking on a new job will prime you to pay attention to other avenues and work your way around them to land that dream job.

#2 A successful client presentation: Manifestation is a great way to visualise success! By visualising your successful presentation, you’re using manifestation to calm your nerves, build confidence, and envision how you want the presentation to go. And when it’s time, you’ve already prepped your mind on how to get it right!

#3 New experiences: Tired of the same old, same old? Manifest more adventures in your life. When you psych yourself that you want to try new things, naturally you will seek them out and give it a go. That’s how people live full lives – they manifest them!

#4 Run a marathon: This one's for me but see if it works for you! I picked up running again after a hiatus and a month in, I said to myself, “Why not join the marathon?” I started visualising myself at the race, how great it would feel to finish the full marathon. Every time I go for a run now, I manifest how today’s run will be a lead up to that marathon. I’ve not completed my marathon yet but I run longer distances now, which will all lead me to the big race. Wish me luck!

#5 More confidence: Struggle to stand up for yourself? Manifest confidence! Keep saying to yourself that you will start looking out for yourself and have more conviction when you speak. Before you know it, you’ve manifested yourself to take more risks, say no when it just won’t work for you, and put yourself out there more to get noticed.

Have you discovered the art of manifesting? Tell us about your successful manifestations!

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash.

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