Need a boost in your career? Check these super tips out and you?re on your way to the top.

#1 Set small goals regularly

We all want that big promotion but to get there, you need to take baby steps. So it is wise to set smaller goals throughout the year that will get you noticed by your managers and help you gain a whole lot more at work. Think about what you can do better day by day. Then extend this to a goal every month.

Once you’ve hit your goal, ask if you can do them better. Before you know it, someone else will also notice that you’re getting better and eventually, that promotion (and raise!) is yours.

#2 Update Your Work Wardrobe

Like it or not but you are often judged by how you look. So if you look sloppy/messy/like you don’t care, chances are you are probably not making a good impression on your colleagues and bosses.

The best solution? Get a wardrobe overhaul and invest in pieces that say professional, serious and here to make a difference. Not sure what to buy? Check out what the most successful person in the company is wearing.

#3 Reorganise your workspace

Clutter = mess = unorganised. Which isn’t exactly the message you want to send about your work style. So do yourself a favour and remove all that mess. Keep your desk in order so that everything is where it is supposed to be.

While you’re at it, do the same for your inbox – delete unnecessary emails, archive the important ones and unsubscribe from newsletters that don’t necessarily contribute to your career.

#4 Read more!

Spend time reading blogs. Check out books that are about your profession or written by people known in your profession. Read the newspapers so that you know what’s happening around the world. All the new information can start conversations when you are networking as well as inspire you to work better and smarter.

#5 Show up on time

Look – this is a no brainer: All bosses appreciate an employee who respects time and shows up on time for work, for client appointments and for meetings. Better yet, be in before the boss if you can, even if it is just five minutes earlier.

#6 Go to Career Events

You might not be looking but it is always good to know what companies are on the lookout for. Career fairs like GRADUAN ASPIRE is a good place to start – not only will there be known organisations there but it is also an excellent place to meet new contacts and expand your network.

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